Are You Scared of the Dentist?

A lot of people have fear of going to the dentist.  But my Throwback Thursday story today involves my fear of someone else going to the dentist.

About six years ago, my birth mother called me one evening.  She said she had a conflict in her schedule and asked me to take my Grandma to the dentist the following morning.  As soon as she asked me, I had a feeling in my bones that it wouldn’t go well.

That night, I had a dream that while in the dentist’s chair, Grandma had a heart attack and three paramedics had to take her to the hospital.  I dreamed they all came and left through a back door  — which was odd because I had gone to that dentist for several years of my life and I never even knew they had a backdoor.  I knew she would be fine in the end, but the experience would frighten her and make it much worse for her, especially while they tried to hook her to a machine.  She was already dealing with early stages of dementia, and I just saw her in my dream being terrified.  I also saw in my dream that I would be at the hospital with her, and we wouldn’t be able to reach anyone to tell them the news.

Besides taking Grandma to the dentist, I also had plans with my friend Angie that day.  Angie’s a nurse, and it was her day off.

When I woke up, I first picked up Angie, then we picked up Grandma.  We took her to the dentist and waited until she was called back, then Angie and I went to lunch.  The dentist’s office said it would be a two hour procedure and they’d call me when they finished.

As Angie and I ordered lunch, my mind was a million miles away.  It was on my dream.  Angie saw I was preoccupied and asked what was wrong.  I told her about my dream and included every little detail.  She laughed and told me it was only a dream and tried to assure me that I had nothing to worry about.  And she tried to convince me that since she was a nurse, she knew Grandma’s procedure was simple, and since Grandma had no prior history of heart problems, I should relax.

We ate lunch, though I was still dwelling on my dream.  We were going to do some shopping, but I couldn’t get my head out of the dentist’s office, so we went back to the dentist and sat in the lobby.  About a half hour later, the dentist called me back to his office to explain Grandma’s procedure.  He told me about her post-op care and said she did fine.

My jaw dropped open, and I said, “Really?  Because I’ve just been having a feeling all morning that she was going to have a heart attack here.”

He chuckled and told me I had nothing to worry about.  He said the assistant was cleaning Grandma up and they’d bring her up front in just a few minutes.

Just then, the receptionist stepped into the room and urgently said, “Doctor, we need you in back right away.”  He smiled and told me to go ahead and sit back in the lobby which I did.

Not two minutes later, the nurse came up front and quietly asked me to come to the back.  She said, “I don’t want to alarm you, but your Grandma is having a heart attack at this very moment.  We’ve called 911, and an ambulance is on the way.  I think she’ll feel better if you’re back there with her.”

When I got to the back, a back door was open, and an ambulance was parking in the back.  They had to open Grandma’s shirt to attach some wires to her chest, and she started freaking out and making the monitors beep even more wildly.  She swatted wildly at the medics trying to get them to stop, and they kept trying to calm her down which only made her more frightened and agitated.

After my morning of feeling panicked, a feeling of calm abruptly washed over me, and suddenly I saw everything as I had in my dream.  I stepped forward and told them, “She’s afraid because she doesn’t know what you’re doing.”  Then I turned to Grandma and calmly explained that they were trying to help her.

After the ambulance left, Angie drove with me to the hospital and stayed for a while until she had to leave and pick up her child from school.  Then I tried repeatedly to call my birth mom as well as other family members, and no one was available.  Every number I called went straight to voicemail… just like in my dream.

So tell me: Are you afraid of the dentist?  Have you ever been in a scary situation, yet had a calming feeling wash over you and known everything was going to turn out to be fine?

41 thoughts on “Are You Scared of the Dentist?

  1. i have a horrible fear of the dentist, always have, and i have had the kindest, gentlest dentist office for the last 10 years. they must have FEAR written in giant red letters on my file. they told me that even when they put me under, tears still roll down my face !

  2. What an experience! I’m glad your grandma was ok! My Mom was diagnosed with a very early stage of breast cancer, for some reason I knew for certain she would be ok. So thankful to God she’s cancer free!

  3. Dreams – should have mentioned this one yesterday young Rachel. Some years ago as a PI I had a client who had been paralysed from the neck down following a car accident. She could not breathe unaided yet had had a massive pay out from her insurance company. She wanted to locate all her old friends – the one’s she had lost touch with to let them know of her plight. Most were easily traced save for just one, a Spanish chap living in the UK who I think that one time she may have had a bit of a crush on. His name was Carlos and she thought his surname began with an ‘A’. She had learnt from others that he had vacated his last known address some years previous and had moved to another address in the town. She had the road name but not the house number. There were well over 300 houses in the street. She was also advised that he had moved on from that place some little time ago possibly to Cornwall! Not a lot to go on yet I didn’t want to let her down – I’d checked historical electoral rolls for the road without any joy and certainly the prospect of knocking on each and every door speaking to current occupiers had scant appeal. On the verge of giving up I had a dream one night that ‘Carlos’ had lived at 66A in that road. Next morning I popped around to what was a basement flat whereupon the current occupant provided me with his full name and current address not in Cornwall where his mother apparently lived but in Brighton where he now resided. Bingo – job done! She was thrilled when I advised her of this – sadly a few months later she died yet at least she had been able to contact this chap!

    • WOW! What an awesome story! Did you go to 66A first the next morning because you dreamed it? That’s so cool she got to see him before she passed. I’m sure she never forgot you. 🙂

      • Cheers young Rachel – I should have remembered this previously but yes I did dream the house number and yes it was the right one – I told her the truth about it and I think she rather liked it that I was honest and only charged her a small fee for what would otherwise have cost her a fortune!

      • One tries but as you also know in business you give your client your best and they come back for more – before she died I did loads of jobs for her finding lost friends – wasn’t as interesting as fraud cases yet we rather liked her. Used to do a lot of family tree research for Americans and Canadians as it happens!

  4. Scared of the dentist? I am SO terrified that I won’t even tell you how many years it’s been since I went to a dentist. A childhood experience was at the crux of this. When I was about 6 I had a cavity and the old dentist and my dad were friends (we lived in a small town.) They began talking fishing. While drilling for God’s sake. He looks at my dad who made him laugh with one of his stories and yep …that drill slipped off of my tooth 9the old water drills) and drilled my tongue and some of my lower palate. Well I couldn’t freak because one thing we were taught was that was a rude and unacceptable thing to ever do especially to anyone we knew, anyone in authority, anyone trying to help us, yeah well pretty much people we knew or didn’t know. UGH. Yeah well had wonderful dentists (including that one til he retired- I was still a child when he did.) SO I know it’s impractical to be afraid. The drills are not the same. I also have only once taken novacaine to have teeth worked on- and that includes a procedure involving whatever they do for root canal. It had to be instinct on that. When having moles removed in my twenties, was given novacaine and afterwards went down on the way out of the office with a heartbeat of35. Well who the heck knows. Whenever I took my kids I’d act nonchalant in their presence and would just about break my fingers clenching the book or magazine I had with me while waiting for them. It was exhausting.

  5. So, Rachel, you tell us of another dream come true and your question is:

    Are you afraid of the dentist?

    Well, I think we all are at least a little bit, aren’t we?

    My question to you is, have your dreams come triue so many times that the telling of these stories doesn’t faze you anymore? Or will you be empty of them after October? You are scaring me as much as the dentist, my friend, a little.

    • LOL! I am not afraid of the dentist, per se, but I do not particularly like the dentist. 🙂 You’re right, I’ve had these types of things so often, they don’t really faze me, but it always surprises me which ones really do come true. For example, last night , completely out of the blue, I dreamed that a friend of mine who works for NASA was moved to the FBI because NASA was having cutbacks. And his FBI supervisor was the actor Adam Beach (who played Detective Chester Lake in Law & Order SVU). And my NASA friend introduced me to his supervisor and I married him and he had my ex-husband killed. LOL! So I emailed my NASA buddy and he never replied. (Perhaps he’s not allowed to talk about the cutbacks.) 😉

      • My NASA buddy still never replied. 😦 Maybe it’s one of those dreams where the people are misrepresented by other people. Perhaps YOU’RE meant to introduce me to the new Mr. Rachel. 🙂

  6. That must have been scary! One time my mom had a problem with something–I don’t remember quite what–and she had to go to the hospital. My dad came home and picked us kids up and took us to the hospital, and it was kind of surreal… fortunately there have only been a couple of scary things like that over the years.

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