Oh, Bother

You all know how much I love Edgar Allan Poe, but you might not know that I also adore A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh!   I figured with Halloween coming this month, either Pooh or Poe might have dressed in costume back in their day.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

25 thoughts on “Oh, Bother

  1. Love this one Rachel. I’m a Pooh and a Poe fan, so I’ll take either one of them, or use your version and combine them.

  2. 0_0 That is a creepy picture…
    I like Winnie the Pooh, too… Funny story. When I was little I was terrified of the movie “Pooh’s Grand Adventure.” And now, I always cry during the scene when Pooh sings his little song about how lost he feels without his friend. Ironically, it’s my four-year-old sister’s favorite movie. I don’t know why, since I was so scared watching it when I was little and I always cry now, and some of the imagery they use still makes it into my nightmares. Talk about the dark side of Disney!

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