Second Verse, Same as the First

For today’s Throwback Thursday, I’m repeating a story that I already told you about a month after I started blogging.  Since then, I’ve picked up a lot more followers, so hopefully most of you won’t be bored with my rerun.  At the time, I wasn’t doing “theme months” yet.  If I would’ve had my themes in place, I’d have saved this story for now.

When I was a teenager, I worked at a convenience store, and I knew a lot of my customers by name because I had to card them for tobacco and alcohol sales.

There was one particular customer named Brad who came in every day after work.  The thing that stood out in my mind about Brad was that he looked like an actor named Lochlyn Munro that was in Lifetime Television movies in the 80s and 90s.

He drove an old blue Mustang, and we usually talked for a minute or two about non-important things each day.  The only things I really knew about him were job-related.

One night, I had a dream about Brad.  In my dream, he was with a tall, blonde girl named Suzanna, but he called her Sue.  They were in a brand new red Celica, and they were headed to a small town in Tennessee named Crab Orchard to see her family.  They stopped at a grocery store along the way, and as they were leaving the parking lot, they were involved in a car accident when someone sped into their car.  They were both very badly injured, Sue was hurt worse than Brad, and the car was totaled.  At the time of my dream, I remembered the name of the store, but it’s been so long ago that I’ve long since misplaced that fact.  But it was obvious in my dream the store was a single-owner store and not part of a franchise.  I’m thinking it started with a Z.  I vividly saw the surrounding area and the layout of the parking lot.

Now, I think it’s probably important to note that at the time, personal computers and the internet were unheard of.  I’d only been through Tennessee once when I was thirteen years old, and the only city names I remember from that trip were Lynchburg and Nashville. I’d never even heard of a place called Crab Orchard, but it kind of reminded me of Mayberry on The Andy Griffith Show.

The next day, Brad came into my store when he got off work, and something tugged at me until I was compelled to tell him my dream.  Keep in mind how awkward it would’ve been to say to someone who was little more than a stranger, “Hey, I had a dream about you last night.”  But I did.  He furrowed his brow, and we waited until the other customers left, then I proceeded to tell him every detail of my odd dream.

He looked at me kind of strangely, but didn’t really say anything more.  I thought at the time he must’ve thought I was completely nuts, and I was embarrassed that I’d said anything at all.  Seriously, I felt myself blush long after he left, and I was mentally kicking myself for the remainder of the night.

The next day, I didn’t think anything more about it until that afternoon when a red Celica pulled into the parking lot and a tall blonde girl got out.  I’d never seen her before, yet she looked so familiar.

She came in and stood in the store, not looking at anything to buy as she waited for the other customers to leave.  Then she introduced herself.  She said her name was Suzanna but people called her Sue, and that her boyfriend, Brad, told her about a dream I had about them.  She told me that she just bought her new car last week and she and Brad were planning a trip that very weekend to her hometown of Crab Orchard, Tennessee to see her dad.  She told me the store I mentioned was a store owned by her uncle, and the parking lot layout I described was spot-on!

She had goosebumps the entire time she spoke, then I got goosebumps seeing her reaction and how freaked out she was.  She said when Brad told her, he too had goosebumps, and the color drained from her face when he repeated my dream to her. She said she definitely took my dream as a sign, and because of that, she called her dad immediately and changed her plans.  She then hugged me and thanked me for saving her life!

Talk to me:  Have you ever dreamed about people you’ve never met or places you’ve never been?  Have you ever then later met the stranger of your dreams?