No One’s Indispensable

The theme is interactive games.  Today’s game is to Identify TV Shows Where an Actor Replaced a Previous Actor in the Same Role.  Perhaps the show aged a character over the summer, or perhaps the actor was simply replaced.

The rules are as follows:

1. You have to include the name of the TV show.
2. You have to include the name of the original actor.
3. You have to include the name of the actor that replaced the original actor.
4. You have to include the name of the character the two actors play.
5. You may NOT repeat any of my examples. (Preferably, please don’t repeat any examples from the comments above yours.)
6. You may NOT use the internet to reference anything. (Please play honestly.)
7. You may NOT use daytime soap operas. (That would be like shooting fish in a barrel.)

Alright, now it’s your turn.  I hope that each of you will rise to the occasion and play along with me.  I’ll look forward to reading your answers below…

Tell me… Are you the only person that can do your job?  Have you ever had a job where you were the only person who knew how to do whatever you did?

27 thoughts on “No One’s Indispensable

  1. Aw, man, if I could use movies, I’d have one right off the bat, but I really don’t watch that many TV shows. 😦 But if movies could count, I would definitely say the Incredible Hulk – Ed Norton – Mark Ruffalo – Bruce Banner/The Hulk

  2. I can’t play. I only know of Bewitched and the Partridge family. Although in 3’s Company Suzanne Summers was replaced by another blonde who was supposed to be her cousin.

  3. Oh Sesame Street!!!! The replaced the Bald Headed Gordon with a Gordon that had hair back in the 70’s. That was a sad day.

  4. I can remember several where the original actors were replaced by new ones, but can’t remember the names of the actors, so can’t play unless I break the Google rule.

    • Great answer, Mark! Yes, William Frawley who played Bub was booted out and William Demarest who played Uncle Charley came on. 😀 (My Three Sons is one of my favorite shows.) William Demarest was actually younger by about 10 years, but that hair he had made him look creepy and old…. He looked like he got his hair styled by the same people that cut Moe Howard’s hair in The Three Stooges! 😀 (Maybe because both shows had Three in the title, they used the same hairdresser.)

  5. I don’t know. They don’t seem to do this much, any more… Oh, wait!
    The Clone Wars–Count Dooku–Christopher Lee–Corey Burton. (If I remember correctly.)
    The Clone Wars–Chancellor Palpatine–(I can’t remember the actor’s name)–Tim Curry.
    The original actor they had playing Palpatine passed away. I rather miss the Christopher Lee Dooku.

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