Happy Autumn!

Well, as of today, we’re officially two days into autumn.  Summer is officially over.  Let the cold weather begin!  (For those of you that want to kill me for summonsing the cold weather, please take a good look at the kind of temperatures I live in, below.  And keep in mind, that does not reflect the humidity factor which makes it feel a good ten degrees hotter.  For those of you NOT in the U.S., this is Fahrenheit, not Celsius!)

For my throwback Thursday today, I’m taking a break from this month’s game theme and am instead just talking about something fun that’s seasonally appropriate.  Submitted for your approval, I offer a piece of autumn art I made when I was four years old in kindergarten.

My teacher, Mrs. Cook, helped us shave crayons.  Then she helped us cut tree trunks out of construction paper, and we added the crayon shavings.  She placed a piece of wax paper on top and ironed it in place for us.

This was one of my absolute favorite projects as a little kid for several reasons.  First, I loved all the colorful leaves.  Here in Florida, we get two colors: green or dead.  I also loved the look of autumn trees because I loved the shape of Maple leaves.  We don’t have trees with much of anything other than the standard football shape leaves here.  (Besides orange trees, we have a lot of Oaks.)  And finally, I loved making stuff, so using crayons for something other than coloring was an extra special treat.

When I got home from making this project, I excitedly told my Grandma exactly how it was made and asked her to help me make another one at home.  We didn’t have a regular pencil sharpener.  (My Granddaddy used his pocket knife to sharpen pencils.)  So, I used the sharpener in the side of my Crayola crayon box, and I made my own shavings.  I made a lot of shavings!  Then I had a difficult time getting the shavings out.  I had to tear apart the box!  Of course, I didn’t have any crayons left, so I didn’t need the box anymore anyway.  Grandma didn’t have time to help me cut out a tree, so mine didn’t come out nearly as good as the one Mrs. Cook helped with.  And finally, we didn’t have wax paper.  So Grandma substituted plastic wrap.

As you can imagine, the home version of my project went from bad to worse when the plastic melted on Grandma’s iron!  She yelled, I cried, and I never got to make another autumn tree.  Worse yet, I didn’t have my crayons anymore, and I had to dress in wrinkled clothes!  But at least I still have this one to share with you.  Happy Autumn!

40 thoughts on “Happy Autumn!

  1. Hi Rachel! As a member of the deep south I can truly relate to the hot temps! We welcome the cool weather. I chuckled at your comment about the two colors of green or dead we have here. I guess I can be thankful for the Red Maples at malls around her so we do get a little placed color. I love you memoir. It is a precious memory. Did you do that with your two children as well?

  2. Oklahoma has a high of 87 in the NW quadrant today…that is 10 degrees cooler than General September highs. I miss Florida but love the cooler ‘fall’ weather that w have here.

      • Of course we are sure. Just read in the Dover paper that the town end of the road we have chosen has a drug problem yet that is a mile away and where we are the locals seem proper people…………it’s not Deal yet it has soul……Svetlana served me coffee there today………still trying to cope!

      • Well, as long as you’re sure I won’y jinx your house. LOL! Nah, don’t worry. Most of my luck usually only affects me. 😀 I can’t wait to see what you do with the new place. 😀

  3. Oh boy, sounds like something that would totally happen to me (with the iron.) Yes, when I first saw the dashboard pic, thought you might be here in Southern L.A. It’s been super hot here too. Bring on the ‘cold’ weather I say!

  4. You were a cutie! And I love your wax paper/crayon-leaves tree! I remember melting crayon shavings between wax paper–maybe with my kids when they were young? The story of your home project made me laugh.

    Here in southern NJ, we’re having a beautiful early fall–cool nights and warm, sunny days. I’m not looking forward to cold and darkness though–I already wake up in the dark now. In December, I’ll feel like it’s bedtime at 5 PM. 🙂

  5. Hi Rachel–Oh, I love your sweet tree! I still have my 64-pack of crayons with the built-in sharpener 🙂 And welcome aboard eve’s apple!

    ~Marisa (mcproco.wordpress.com)

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