A-B-C Easy as 1-2-3

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you’re all still hanging in here with me on my game theme.

Today’s game is to List Foods Alphabetically.  (Please know that I’m taking it easy on you, because when I play this with my family, we narrow it down to something like cheeses or fruits.)

The rules are as follows:

1. Start with the letter that the person commented before you left off with, and list any food items in alphabetical order using the next letter of the alphabet.
2. List as many as you want.
3. You may NOT use the internet to reference anything. (Please play honestly.)
4. Please only use English words for foods.

First, I’ll provide some examples, then it’s your turn:

Alright, now it’s your turn.  I hope that each of you will rise to the occasion and play along with me.  I’ll look forward to reading your answers below…

So tell me… What’s your favorite food?  Do you generally prepare your own meals or does someone else do it for you?


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