The theme is interactive games.  Today’s game is to Identify TV Shows Where Children or Other Family Members Disappear with No Explanation.  There’ve been a lot of television shows that start off with a certain number of household members, then the show comes back the next season, and someone’s missing.  They weren’t sent away.  The show just continues as if the original cast member was never there, and the viewers are expected to forget them.

The rules are as follows:

1. You have to include the name of the TV show.
2. You have to include the name of the actor who plays the part of missing family member.
3. You have to include the name of the missing family member character.
4. You have to include the relationship the said character is to the household.
5. You may NOT include occasional neighbors or people that don’t live in the main character’s house or appear regularly.
6. You may NOT repeat any of my examples. (Preferably, please don’t repeat any examples from the comments above yours.)
7. You may NOT use the internet to reference anything. (Please play honestly.)
8. You may NOT use daytime soap operas. (That would be like shooting fish in a barrel.)

First, I’ll provide some examples, then it’s your turn:

Alright, now it’s your turn.  I hope that each of you will rise to the occasion and play along with me.  I’ll look forward to reading your answers below…

Let’s talk…  When a TV show character disappears, does it bother you?  Has it ever made you boycott a show?

36 thoughts on “Abracadabra

  1. I like the ones where there are children and then they come back for the next season and they still have the character, but there’s a different actor playing the role. That happened in Roseanne (I think it was with the Sarah Chalke character) and also Lily on Modern Family.

      • Oh no! Is it not doing well?! Sorry to hear that Rachel! I’ve never been good at that sort of thing, so don’t mind me! Why dont you change your theme if you’re not happy with how itz going? At the end of the day its YOUR blog, you can post whatever you want!!!

  2. Judy Winslow stands out as an obvious one for me that kept me wondering–where did she go? Can they at least say she went off to school or something? At least if they explain their disappearance it is not annoying as it is when they pretend as if they never existed.

  3. Brady Bunch, where did Oliver go? Darned if I know that little cherub actor’s name, Rachel, and he wasn’t a Brady, I don’t think, unless he was a cousin, still … Your games this month are really hard!

  4. I’ve got one!!!
    Tru Calling. Tru’s sister, Meredith. Played by Jessica Collins. She was in episodes at the beginning of the first series, and then one day she wasn’t in the show any more, and everybody acted like she had never existed. No explanation at all.

  5. Missing kids are one thing…..but what about kids that suddenly appear? In the pilot of The Cosby show, they have 4 kids…..and Cliff even states that they have 4 kids (Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy)….but then they all of a sudden have Sondra (Sabrina LeBeauf). I can’t imagine reviews at initial screenings said “they need to add a child that is rarely there to beef up the story line”. I guess it worked for later seasons….but initially it just didn’t make sense.

      • Ah….and they actually called DJ, David in the first episode….and then later added a David to the cast.

      • YES! And also remember David was first introduced as Mark’s brother but with a different name, then the same actor came back as Mark’s brother but as David.

  6. I don’t know much about TV, but yes, there were a few seasons of the Clone Wars where Obi-Wan vanished until about halfway through… Now, yes, I know other people aren’t as big fans of Obi-Wan as I am, but seriously, a full half season and he’s STILL missing?! (Holograms don’t count.) I do love Anakin and Ahsoka’s relationship, but there are so few episodes where it’s Obi-Wan and Ahsoka working together, or Obi-Wan and Anakin, or all three of them… :-/ Without Obi-Wan, it just gets WAY too weird and crazy after a while. (Like, Anakin dresses up all the clones as zombies and they start a Walking Dead LARP, crazy… 0_0 Wow, I think it’s pretty obvious by this comment that I need sleep…)

  7. Peyton Place: Mia Farrow – as Alison MacKenzie, daughter of Constance – goes for a walk & disappears – never to be found or tracked down. Fans of the show were dumbfounded as she was one of the stars.

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