Banana, Seven, Cherry

Did you guess by the title what game I’m going to talk about for today’s Throwback Thursday?  Of course… It’s slots!  One time my sister and I were in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan at a casino.  We’d spent the weekend there and did pretty well at my favorite gambling game, roulette.

We checked out of the hotel, put the bags in the car, and went to the casino one last time before we hit to road.  We won a few more dollars at roulette then decided to leave while we were ahead.  However, on our way out the door, I spied a nickel lying on the floor.  I picked it up, and we decided to put it in a slot machine.

Normally, we don’t play slots because they’re basically meant to rip you off.  My Uncle Charlie, who I’ve mentioned a few times before, gambles (and wins) quite a bit, and he taught me a lot of what I needed to know.  (Plus I have quite a second sense at guessing games such as roulette.)  But one thing Uncle Charlie always told me was that slot machines are good for nothing but eating your money, and they’re called “one arm bandits” for a reason.

Anyway, Michelle and I found the room with the nickel slots, and we put my nickel in and pushed the button just for kicks.  As it turned out, we kept winning more nickels!  Since we didn’t have anything to lose and we had plenty of time to kill, we just kept playing the nickels we won, and that original nickel bought us over two and a half hours’ worth of entertainment before we lost it all!

Talk to me:  Have you ever gambled at a casino?  If so, what’s your favorite game?  Do you always make sure you break even and walk away, or if you get ahead, are you compelled to keep going until you lose everything?

28 thoughts on “Banana, Seven, Cherry

  1. I go once a year on my birthday, mainly for the buffet :-). I only take a $100. After the great buffet I have about $45 left and it is used on penny and nickle slots only. Never have one except for one time and it was for $250! I really don’t see anything wrong with gambling as long you control it and it doesn’t control you. I spend more than that at the state fair playing silly games.

    • I agree. I don’t go out of my way to gamble, but if I;m at a casino, I’ll only play with a certain amount. (Usually no more than $50.) And I usually walk away with about twice that. I don’t like to push my luck, but I figure if I just think of it as entertainment purposes, I’d have paid for that time anyway. And sometimes it’s fun just to walk around and watch other people win or lose. 🙂

  2. Standing alone – many years ago – at the then Playboy Club in London having lost what little money I had on my first bet on roulette watching some very rich Arabs betting fortunes each with a small harem of young ladies draped about them – plainly not for their money of course – never been to a casino since!

  3. Born in Nevada. Everyone tries it a time or two, but the natives know the score. We just aren’t gamblers. If I order a beer I get a beer. If I put five bucks on blackjack, I lose five bucks and get nothing. Stick around and you get free drinks to keep you playing. You spend a lot more money than the cost of the drinks.

  4. The only way to win is to get lucky, hit big and walk away. The house always wins over time, otherwise there’d be no house! This comes from a guy whose stepson works for the casino as a croupier, so … But as you know, Rachel, my dear wife Karen and I love to go where he works to attend the shows and eat at the restaurants!

      • 🙂 Yeah. Probability aside, it’s rather unusual. 😉
        I am writing a sort of story where a young man with amnesia ends up investigating a series of mysterious murders despite not being an investigator or actually connected to the police. Connor feels certain that, despite there seeming to be nothing linking the crimes, there is a common factor–but it also seems to be tied in to his unremembered past. He ends up fearing that he might be the murderer himself. Do you have any tips that might help?

  5. I do like the casino now and then, and in fact, the first time I played roulette – I won big! OK, Big-ish. Then, I went to the slots and won another round of big-ish. I never won again in roulette, although I still like the game, but I generally like to play poker.

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