The Secret Shopper

At the office where my sister worked before her current workplace, on Fridays, their dress code was “casual.”  What this meant was that the employees still had to wear nice pants, but they could wear a white golf shirt emblazoned with the company logo.

So, it was a different Friday than the one I told you about yesterday.  Keeping yesterday’s fiasco in mind, my sister made her lunch then took out her bathroom garbage before she finished getting ready.  After she finished her hair and makeup, she put on her shoes and left for work.  About halfway there, she realized that she’d left her lunch on the counter.

It was too late to turn around, so she pulled into the grocery store near her office and went inside.  The store had recently been closed for remodeling and had just reopened that very day.  She felt excited to be among the first customers back after the store being closed for so long.

While she was there, she decided to pick up a few items she needed at home.  As she walked around the store, the Pepsi man, the Hallmark lady, the Lays chip guy, and other vendors all greeted her happily as they stocked their items.  She said they were exceptionally friendly, and she didn’t feel so bad about leaving her lunch at home after all.

After she filled her handheld basket, she went to the front and unloaded all her items on the conveyor belt.  She was surprised that there were no other customers in line, but she felt lucky that she wouldn’t have to wait.  However, wait, she did.  There was no cashier on duty.  Finally, she walked over to the manager’s office and asked them to page a clerk.

They raised their eyebrows and looked at her rather oddly.  She furrowed her brow.  “What’s wrong?  I need to check out so I can get to work.”

The manager started laughing.  “I’m sorry.  We must’ve thought you were a vendor with that shirt on.  You shouldn’t be here.  We don’t open until tomorrow.”

So tell me:  Have you ever wandered into someplace you didn’t belong?  Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?  Do you have a casual Friday at your workplace?


22 thoughts on “The Secret Shopper

  1. I haven’t wandered thus yet once having suffered an injury whilst playing sport that required an x-ray I was lying unclothed upon the table thing in order that the girl (embarrassing I might add) could take the x-ray when enter two nuns! One had a damaged wrist the other I took to be her friend no doubt there to afford her moral support. Looking me up and down – so to speak – one of the nuns asked if she should wait in the room until it was her turn to get x-rayed. I recall mumbling ‘piss off.’

      • There is actually more to that story – I might write about it in a skit next week. The pre-amble as to how the nuns and I first met is quite funny. Also, your post prompted me to remember how I was once entirely forgotten about in a hospital when suffering from meningitis! For an inherently shy sort of bloke I have on occasion been left without clothing in some unusual places – yes I shall write all this up for next week. It’s about time I wrote a ‘true’ story. By the way Rachel I’ve not forgotten the Carruthers interview. What I want to do is finish off the interview notes you sent and at around the same time write up a new Carruthers skit so as he is fresh in the readers minds. Thus far I’ve struggled on the new skit yet have, at least, put together another five pertinent questions for him to answer. I shall get back shortly.

      • Oh, I bet you are just full of some pretty amazing true stories. I think that’s why you find the humor in mine. Being naked in funny places is an interesting theme indeed! I can’t wait to hear more! I’d love to hear more of your true stories. 🙂

        As for our dear Carruthers, I’m very excited about the interview. I’m trying to think of some more questions for him, too. 🙂

  2. My wife and I decided to go on a picnic one Saturday. We stopped at a winery along the way to grab a little something. I waited at the bar and there were people talking at a table. Service of any kind never showed up. Turns out they didn’t open for another half hour and they weren’t even going to take the time to tell me that. They were so inattentive I could have gone in back, drank my fill, made a sandwich and left.

  3. Nice one Rachel 🙂 A similar thing happened me at a petrol station (gas station to you). I was refuelling my own car when a gypsy’s van swung in. The tinker jumps out and, on his way to the checkout store, throws me the keys and goes “Fill her up!”
    I was wearing a jacket similar to the petrol station type jackets.
    His keys bounced off my shoulder. I let it slide…coz I’m a peaceful cowboy now. 🙂

  4. Look like you belong and you can get in anywhere, Rachel. Michelle could have walked out with a week’s worth of groceries!

    We casual Friday at my new place of employment. Instead of a button down, I wear a golf shirt. But I still go with my khaki’s instead of jeans like most of the other folks. Just feels better.

  5. Oh, wow. That story made me laugh so hard. 😀
    I’ve actually walked into a class one day and had someone ask me if I was their instructor! (Everyone else was dressed casually, but I was wearing a polo shirt and one of those pleated skirts.) That was rather funny, though I should have been silly and said yes. Unfortunately, I didn’t. I was caught-off-guard by it.

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