Jiminy Crickets!

Consider this a bonus post for the day.  Or a plea for help.  Or the insane ramblings of a sleep deprived tired person.  I don’t know how this happened, but there has a been a cricket (Actually a very LOUD cricket!!) somewhere IN MY BEDROOM all week long!

Of course, he (she?) waits until I’m snuggled cozily in my bed in the dark before he starts the deafening chirping while he sings the song of his people.  My cats are oblivious.  My human co-inhabitants have their bedroom doors closed and aren’t bothered in the least.  As for me, I might as well punch holes in my eyelids and go lie down on a train track for all the sleep I’m getting!

Any useful suggestions for getting rid of my new roommate would be greatly appreciated.  Or perhaps, just like yesterday’s post, karma is getting even with me for teasing my fellow blogger, Mark Bialczak, about his recent unwanted house guests (first a gopher then a skunk!).

{{Mark, please take the pins out of the voodoo doll now.  I’ve had enough, thank you.}}  😉

Thank you again for listening my late night rant.  Sweet dreams…


33 thoughts on “Jiminy Crickets!

  1. I LOVE the sound of crickets… they remind me of long hot summer days on holidays long since past… but I wouldnt want one in my bedroom! Poor you!

  2. I suggest you imagine the cricket is a handsome cricketer and that you are the umpire. As umpire you are entitled to give him ‘out’ whereon the rules say he must leave. If that doesn’t do the trick I don’t know what will young Rachel.

  3. I had a cricket in the house and it drove me crazy, they are so tiny. eventually it stopped – died, I guess. Every time my husband goes away for work I end up with a huntsman in the bedroom ( actually that doesn’t sound right) i mean the big hairy spider called a huntsman and they are super fast and freak me out. I’m sure they wait until he goes away and plan their torture for me.

    • Oh no! Yes, I admit, I did wonder what kind of huntsman you were talking about. 😉 But then I thought you meant a pet who hunted pests for you. I had no idea there was such a spider! Those sound creepy! I’m one of those people who go to bed fine and wake up with spider bites, which I am allergic to, so I don’t mind them if I’m awake, but I hate the thought of them finding me while I’m asleep. 🙂

  4. Ha ha ha… Soul sister, how weird is this? It would appear that while you were suffering from Jiminy’s evening sonnets, I was taking loads of pictures of one. The biggest, greenest one I’ve ever seen, on my mother’s cellar door, and framed by yellow dandelions! Did you get rid of it?

  5. That cricket! I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me before, only it was in the schoolroom, not the bedroom. It was so annoying! I am assuming that they don’t keep them in the schoolrooms or bedrooms when they keep them in China. 😛

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