Brown Bagging It

When I announced my monthly theme of funny (and hopefully not too long) true stories, my sister wanted in on the act.  Usually if I tell a story about her, I was at least along for the ride and got to witness it firsthand.  But this one made me laugh so hard, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

It was a Friday.  At our house that means it’s garbage day as well.  My son usually takes the garbage out on Thursday night, except for the garbage from Michelle’s bathroom.  She takes that down to the curb on Friday mornings before she leaves for work.

So, on this particular Friday, Michelle packed her lunch then checked her watch.  She was running late.  She threw her shoes on, grabbed her bathroom garbage and tossed it in the can, then sped to work.

At lunchtime, she went to the break room and got her lunch from the refrigerator, then joined her friends in a conference room.  Everyone pulled out exciting leftovers, from pasta salad to tuna croissants and ham and cheese hoagies.  Michelle’s mouth was watering.  So, she reached in her bag, and that’s when she realized:  She had thrown her lunch away.

Yes, the thing she had brought to work and refrigerated for the previous four hours was indeed her bathroom garbage!  Her used Q-tips and tissues were nice and cold, and poor Michelle had to leave and buy her lunch that day.

If you thought this one was funny, just wait until tomorrow when Michelle gets top billing again with another one of her work/lunch anecdotes.

So tell me:  Have you ever refrigerated your garbage?  Do you take your lunch to work?  What’s your favorite brown bag lunch?


30 thoughts on “Brown Bagging It

  1. I have refrigerated my shampoo once and took the salad dressing to the bathroom. I work at home, so lunch is in the fridge at all times, but I remember my brown bag lunches at school in Warwick, NY. I loved any kind of sandwich and orange juice. In the cafeteria they sold the absolutely best chocolate-chip cookies on this planet… Mhmmmm, so many delicious memories. I’m going to search for some sweets now, and coffee… Have a great day, Rachel!

  2. “I say Carruthers young Rachel here takes a brown bag lunch.” “Gosh that’s hardly nutritional – surely the poor girls budget could at least stretch to rice paper – never heard the like of it.”

  3. Sorry for your sister. I am a bit sick to my stomach thinking about what could possibly be in the bathroom garbage and then the prospect of eating it or thinking of it at lunch. A funny one though I must say!

  4. Poor Michelle, but I know how it is like to think you have your lunch to look forward to and realize you don’t. There have been a few times, I forgot to pack my lunch 🙂

  5. My grandmother once went to the bathroom to put dirty clothes in the basket there, and to clear her throat and spit in the toilet. When she got there she spit in the basked and threw her clothes in the toilet. She told on herself, and we all had a good laugh.

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