Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You… Or Me

When John Lennon penned the lyrics to “Instant Karma,” I believe he had me in mind.  (Of course, I was barely even alive at the time, but that’s beside the point.)  I definitely had a dose of much deserved instant karma slap me in the face recently, and it was quite funny indeed.

Michelle and Jeremy and I called in a pizza order which we were going to pick up.  The Pizza Hut right up the road from us is a delivery/carry out substation only and not an actual restaurant, so it has a drive-up window.  As we approached the window, there was one car in front of us with a very young driver.

The poor girl was probably in her car alone for the first time.  She hit the curb under the window, then backed up, hit it again, then backed up, hit it a third time, and then straightened her wheel and ended up a good three feet  away from the window so that she had to open her door to reach her pizza!  After she got her food, she went to leave, and we could see the Pizza Hut lady shaking her head and laughing.  The poor girl missed turning her wheel in the circular drive, and she hit the curb again and left a big black mark on it as she ran over it in her haste to get out of there!

I admit it was totally wrong of me, but I was cracking up so hard, tears were in my eyes.  My window was down, and as I started to pull forward, the Pizza Hut lady was also in hysterics as she pointed at the little girl.

Now’s when karma reached up and bit me on the posterior.  I was laughing so hard, both at the driver as well as at the Pizza Hut clerk, that I then ran into the curb!  Of course that only made both me, my sister, and the Pizza Hut lady laugh even harder.  I quipped something about karma biting me back when the clerk, who was still cracking up, went to hand me the little plastic tray with the debit card slip to sign, and she dropped it out the window onto the asphalt!  Which of course, made us all laugh even harder!  I told her that karma got her too!

It’s just too bad that the young driver wasn’t there any longer to see her comeuppance in action.  She could have joined in our hysteria.

Talk to me: Have you ever laughed at someone else’s expense, and if so, did you feel bad about it later?  Have you ever seen karma act so quickly?  Are you able to laugh at yourself and your own shortcomings?

This is our drive-thru Pizza Hut

32 thoughts on “Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You… Or Me

  1. Yes; no; no; yes; yes! There you have it young Rachel – my answers! Was going to say something about women drivers but that would not go down well with you – or indeed Shirl when reading the post! Maybe she was just the worse for drink?

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  3. That poor kid! But the second part of the story is the best part. X-D I know how it feels to pull into a restaurant drive thru for the first time in one’s life and have a hard time ordering… I had to ask my sister three times what she wanted at Dairy Queen. X-P

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