Shirt and Shoes Required (The Rest is Optional)

Once, my sister Michelle and I were checking into a hotel in Pennsylvania on our way to see some of our band friends in concert.  We were supposed to meet the band for drinks when we got there.  The hotel had little cabins, and ours was in the band section.  After we checked in, we drove to our area then started unloading the car.

But as we walked up to our cabin, a couple of the band members saw us and stopped us to talk.  We talked for a while, then they told us where to meet everyone once we took our suitcases in.  But as we started to leave, Michelle, reached in her coat pocket for our key, and a pair of her underpants flew out and fell on the ground in front of everybody!

We were both mortified, and our embarrassment was only amplified when the lead singer bent down and picked them up and asked, “What is this?”  Apparently, she’d laundered the jacket before we left, and somehow, her knickers ended up in the pocket!

Time to share:  Have you ever had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?  Have you ever had something weird happen when you did laundry?


37 thoughts on “Shirt and Shoes Required (The Rest is Optional)

  1. My now deceased Auntie Pat used to put a new pair of knickers on each and every time she went to the shops, ‘In case I am run over by a bus and rushed to hospital’ she explained. The thing was there were no roads to cross twixt her house and the shops! Weird or what?

  2. I had a pair of underwear that stuck to the inside of my shirt unnoticed, when we ran out of dryer sheets. It fell out unceremoniously as I was walking down the hallway at work. Luckily no one was around, but I was still mortified.

  3. Just a week or so ago I was on my way to work and got out of my car to mail a letter when I noticed there was some fabric dragging along on the ground. Didn’t take me long to realize it was my underwear, thankfully not the ones I was wearing, though. Think they must have clung on from the laundry.

  4. Changing into my Squash gear for a rigorous game I noted that my knickers weren’t in my kit bag. I played in my usual pants and after showering went back to the office without. I was wearing a particularly short skirt that day and made sure I bent my knees in a decorous fashion every time I reached for a file from the pile on the floor.

  5. It involved, hair dye, snow, the kid daughter’s welly boots, a great coat, a car, plus jamming one of the only two roads out of our village and I think I will NOT say any more.

  6. When I moved into my first apartment, I washed my delicates in the bathroom sink and hung them on the shower rod to dry. One particular time, I was also hosting a house party and one of my biker friends, Keith had been in the bathroom for a long time. I sent his friend in to check on him. Apparently Keith felt it was really hard to focus on peeing when surrounded by all the undies hanging everywhere!
    Diana xo

  7. Ok picture this -I was a young teen, standing on a small mound in a field, a gust of wind blew and took with it my wrap around skirt. I stood there in my undies and tee, totally embarrassed.

  8. I’m glad you explained how the underwear got into your sister’s jacket pocket. 😉

    When my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Jamaica, I bent down while climbing the falls and when I stood up, my bathing suit strap had slipped and one of my breasts was totally exposed. The guide just pointed to me, and I covered back up. Luckily, no one else was around, and this was before social media!

  9. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “laundry bags”… X-P
    One time, I did the laundry, and somehow my dad’s underwear got mixed up with the baby diapers… I mean, I accidentally put baby diapers into his stack of laundry. It was pretty funny. X-D

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