But It Said to Push…

When my son was a baby, he was quite sick.  He was a preemie, and because his lungs weren’t fully developed, he got RSV when he was only a couple of months old, and I nearly lost him.  After that, he had horrible bouts of asthma and croup, and he was hospitalized frequently.  When he was not in the hospital, I had to give him breathing treatments every two hours, and he had a daily dose of steroids to help prevent further complications.

As a result of all the steroids he took, Jeremy was a huge baby!  He wasn’t fat at all, but he was incredibly tall and a solid wall of muscle.  By the time he was two, he wore a tight size 4, and people often confused him for a much older child.  (In this funny photo where he fell asleep in my grandma’s chair, he’s barely one year old.  Can you see how tall his is, even though he’s folded up quite nicely?)

Anyway, Uncle Charlie took me and my children to an expensive restaurant. At one point, Charlie had to go outside and talk to someone he knew.  However, while he was gone, something disagreed with Stefani, and she started to get sick.  So I had to take both kids and run to the ladies’ room.

As you can imagine, Jeremy, who was about two and a half at the time, looked like he was 6 or 7.  As we approached the ladies’ room, a woman came out and started yelling at me for taking my son into a room meant for women.  Meanwhile, poor Stefani couldn’t contain herself any longer, and she started to vomit right there in the corridor.  I tried to push by the nosy woman and get Stefani in the bathroom, but when I did, I lost sight of Jeremy.  I guess the nosy woman left to go complain about me, but the next thing I knew, there was a loud siren going off.

Yes, Jeremy had managed to push open the emergency exit door and run outside!  I had to leave Stefani to run after him, and when I got back, the manager and the nosy lady were there scowling at the lot of us.  Talk about embarrassing!

So tell me: Would you ever stop a young mother from taking her male child into the ladies’ room?  Have you ever pushed an emergency exit when there was not an actual emergency?

40 thoughts on “But It Said to Push…

  1. Even if Jeremy looked older the nosy woman had no right to stop you. Suppose he was 6-7 you couldn’t let him go to men’s room on his own then even. You should have complained against that woman. Sheen.

  2. Oh my word! What a terrible experience.

    There are a lot of single mothers with sons, and I don’t think I would leave my son alone or let him go to the bathroom alone nowadays at that age!

  3. A kid in the loo – who cares the miserable old boot should have kept her mouth shut. That aside in France recently G and I had to visits the gents after lunch. Now the French are a bit different! At the urinal thing the French cleaning lady came in with her bucket and mop oblivious to us chaps – I found it all rather embarrassing I can tell you.

  4. Would you ever stop a young mother from taking her male child into the ladies’ room?
    🙂 you must already know the answer to this one: NO

    Have you ever pushed an emergency exit when there was not an actual emergency?
    erm…. not yet!

  5. I had a son that was large for his age + I can relate to this story but he was not as tall as your son. Nosely people-I dislike!No I would not stop a mother + say something for goodness sake there are stall doors! geez-what an idiot-lol Your son looks like an angel sleeping there + what a beautiful head of hair!

  6. This is a difficult subject. My son is 11 and we are actually just coming to terms with the fact that he probably should not be in a ladies room but he is still young enough that something could happen to him if he is unsupervised. What is a mom to do?

  7. I really don’t see the problem with taking a male child into the ladies, there are doors after all – there is nothing to see! My son stopped using the ladies once he felt uncomfortable but then as a mother you end up loitering outside the gents – not a great experience!

  8. No, they are just kids. It’s to keep adult men out, not boys. People share bathrooms with their kids at home. They aren’t going to see anything. People just get upset too easily. It’s not always safe or practical to leave your children alone in a bathroom. That same woman would complain had she let her child go to the bathroom himself.

  9. Being male, I have to answer the other way around. Yes, I would take a girl into the men’s room and I would not stop anyone else doing so. What do these people want? To put the child in danger by leaving it outside?

    Having said that, I have started to use the disabled rest room with my grandchildren because there is more space . . . and they are unisex! This is actually another safety measure. Many baby changing rooms are in the disabled rest room. anyway. But the safety aspect is that there are no dubious males ogling my granddaughters.

  10. I find it silly that women would be concerned about small male children going into the ladies bathroom with their mothers. They are only children and besides, these days its not safe to leave them waiting outside by themselves. I have witness many times women going into the ladies bathroom with their small sons (all being 5 or under). I don’t think its a problem at all.

  11. No, I would not care a woman brought her son to the ladies washroom. Should she enter the men’s? Or let a small child go by himself? What a stupid woman! She’s lucky it’s not me she confronted – I would have directed the vomit toward her!!

    Otherwise, it sounds like you had a perfectly good day Rachel LOL! ❤
    Diana xo

  12. The manager should have told nosy lady to mind her own business and sent a woman hostess to help you. For goodness sakes, the things some people choose to get worked up about. Even if Jeremy were 10, what would it be hurting if you had to take him into the ladies room with you for an emergency. Jiminy Crickets! Eyes to yourself everybody. MYOB!!

    No, I’ve never pushed through an emergency door and caused a whooop whoooop whooooooop alarm to go off, Rachel!

    • LOL! People are funny, aren’t they? If you ever do get the opportunity to push the emergency exit, be prepared to step aside and pretend it’s not you. Apparently they frown on that sort of thing. Plus, its VERY loud. 🙂

  13. Good Lord, but people are idiots sometimes. No, absolutely not, would I ever stop a mother from taking her male child into a ladies room – geez, they’re kids, for Pete’s sake!

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