Free Refills

At one of the law firms where I worked, we were slaves to the time clock.  Lunch hour meant if you took 61 minutes, you’d be in big trouble.  Luckily, there were enough restaurants nearby that getting back in time wasn’t usually a problem.  But about once a month, we all banded together and went somewhere further down the road.  We figured if we all came back late, we’d be less likely to get in trouble.

So, on this one day in particular, we went to Denny’s.  (Not my idea of good food, but being the only vegetarian in the group, I was often outvoted anyway.)  We got a big, round table to accommodate all twelve of us, and I ordered French fries and a grilled cheese sandwich with my Coke.

A short while later, the server brought us all our food and drinks.  I ate some of my fries then went to take a drink of soda.  However, when I lifted my glass, it was stuck to the table.  I pulled a little harder when suddenly I was wearing the bit of Coke that didn’t land in my sandwich!  No, I did not spill it on myself.  This is the weird part…  The bottom of the glass was still stuck to the table!  The rest of it crumbled in my hand!  The only reason I can figure was that the glass was still warm from the dishwasher, and the ice made it crack, and the condensation made it stick to the table.

At any rate, by the time they remade my food, everyone else was ready to go, and I didn’t get to eat mine because our boss absolutely prohibited food being brought back from lunch.  Oh, well.  But at least I got a funny story to take away with me that day.

Now it’s your turn:  Have you ever had a glass explode on you in a restaurant?  Have you ever had to send your meal back and wait while everyone else at your table eats theirs?


46 thoughts on “Free Refills

  1. Just the other day sat outside a cafe in Walmer a freak gust of wind on an otherwise calm day blew a plastic tray from the next table and – at some considerable pace – it smacked me in the face causing both Shirley and George to piss themselves laughing.

  2. Neither of those things! But I have been to group meals when my order is the one which gets “forgotten” and arrives 30 minutes later.
    Having a glass explode sounds much more fun 🙂

  3. That is so strange! Even stranger than I was making tea and spilled a little hot water on the hot stovetop, and it all but floated in a perfect little round ball to the edge and then fell off!
    At least there was a funny story to tell. 😉 It was probably the heat stress.

  4. wow, i have to say that i’ve never had this experience, but i have had lots of food and drinks end up on me instead of on the plate or in the glass )

  5. I have read all the comments and I can tell that nothing of this sort ever happened to me so far, neither were my orders mixed up or something. I guess that when something finally happens, it will be a huge disaster and lots of fun. 🙂

  6. That’s pretty awful, Rachel. No exploding glasses for me, but I am the king off the take-out top falling off my cup, and then having all of it spill onto my lap. Too many times to count. By the way, I would have been eating the grilled cheese and fries while driving back to work, and quite quickly!

  7. I once had a wine glass ‘walk across’ the table and then just tip over – spilling itself all over my bright white slacks. Red wine, no less! It was the oddest thing. The waiter at Orlando’s ‘House of Blues’ restaurant sat the wine glass down on the table… the table didn’t appear to be tilting. But I watched the glass move (slide?) toward the edge of the table and then tip over. So freaky. Nothing like that had ever happened to me – or has ever happened since. There’s a logical explanation for it, I’m certain – but I’m sure hard pressed to figure out what it is!

  8. Yes. Just last week, I took my grandchildren to a restaurant. When our food arrived, the waitress placed the tray on a nearby table. She gave the children their meals, first. Then, when she lifted my wife’s plate off the tray, she didn’t notice that the tray was overhanging the table – and my plate was over the edge! Despite my best efforts to stop it, my lunch went all over the floor and I had to wait for it to be remade. But the children did get free desserts out of it, so I didn’t complain. 🙂

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