Aww, Mom!

My sister Michelle is older than me.  But not by much.  Not even a year, actually.  In fact, we frequently encounter people who feel compelled to stop us and ask us if we’re twins.

That’s why what happened one time when we went to the Hershey Hotel in Pennsylvania was so funny.  When we checked in, I stood aside as Michelle signed the room assignment and the desk clerk handed her a key card.  Then, as he pointed at me, he asked, “Would you like your daughter to have her own key?”

Michelle furrowed her brow, but I grinned.  “Come on, Mom, please!”  I tugged on her shirt and gave her the face.  “Come on, you always say I need to be more independent!  Please let me have my own key!”

Michelle blushed as she scowled.  “Rachel, stop it,” she said through clenched teeth.

But I only got louder as I folded my arms and stuck out my lip.  “Gosh, Mom, you never let me have any fun!”

The really weird thing was, after that, the same thing also happened in Michigan and parts of Canada!  (Yes, really!)

Time to share:  Have you been confused for someone far older or far younger than your actual age?  Have you ever been stopped and asked if you were someone’s twin?  Have you ever felt compelled to ask anyone if they were twins?

Michelle & Me

46 thoughts on “Aww, Mom!

  1. Ha ha, ha. I bet your sister wanted to smack someone. I’m the oldest, but I’m usually thought to be younger than my sisters. The question that always drove my sisters up the wall, especially because for some there is several years difference, was – “So, who is the oldest”?

      • You don’t know what you’ve done there Rachel – you see as a once player of and an avid fan of the sport of cricket 111 is the unluckiest number in that game! More English wickets have fallen on 111 than on any other number! You have cursed England’s chances in the test match against India starting this week – all five days of it in ruins and now pointless me tuning in!

      • Well, now that you’ve humiliated me and turned against all of the British Empire against me, I’m off to shoot myself in the toe with a .45, but not before I hit my own knee with a ball-pein hammer. I think I’m gonna have to go swipe Inchy’s expired bus pass and live in a cardboard box.

  2. i had two sisters, both older, and my mom would dress us alike. we were constantly asked if we were triplets, and my own three daughters, while not dressed alike, we sometimes asked the same thing. the oldest/youngest issue came up as well, and sometimes my sisters were furious when i’d say i was older.

  3. lol. Excellent. My sister and I were once asked if we were twins (which is ridiculous because we’re over 4 years apart and at the time I was 10, so the age gpa really showed). While neither of us has been mistaken for the mom (thank god!), a lot of people ask which one of us is older.

  4. There’s just under a year between me and my sis too. When we were younger, people often thought we were twins although we dont think we look that alike. I was always being mistaken for my sister. Once even her own boyfriend mistook me for her from the back, throwing his arms around me in public, only to be mortified when I turned atound to face him! I don’t know who was the most shocked! Interestingly, she never got mistaken for me…

  5. My best friend and I have been asked if we were twins on multiple occasions. And several people have thought we were sisters. We’re the same height, but neither of us think we look much alike. I have one photo where we could totally pass as sisters, but not twins.

  6. Haha! Aww… poor Michelle! When I was young, people always thought I was older than I was, which made my older sister and I look alike. We were frequently mistaken for twins. I don’t think I’ve ever asked somebody if they were siblings/twins because I was sick of being asked stuff like that too much when I was young. I feel Michelle’s pain!

  7. Good for you, kiddo. Back in the day, I was often mistaken for 10 years younger than my real age. Now, not so much. Ah, well. I bet Michelle was so mad, Rachel! I hope you teased her all summer.

  8. My younger sister (11 months, 2 weeks- except during leap year when it’s 15 days) is blond with blue eyes and I was a brunette with brown eyes. People always thought she was older…and they mixed us up, too. For a while, in the last ten years, people peg me as the older sister because my hair has been gray while hers is blond. But. My hair is now blond too. So we are even. 🙂

  9. I have a younger sister by about 3 years and especially when we were younger, we were always thought to be twins. Occasionally people think she is older, but I think that is because of the differences in our dress and styling. Thanks for sharing your story!

  10. I have a sister two and bit years older – no one ever confused one from the other: she’s more like Elizabeth Taylor and me – ah well – everyone used to confuse me with Jane Fonda 😀

  11. Hilarious. My only sister is 20 years older and her son is older than me so definitely she could pass as my mother. She knows logically she can be but she she still hates it the same.

  12. So funny! You and your sister do look like twins in that photo.
    People used to think my younger sister was older than me because her hair turned gray when she was quite young. My daughters are three years apart. They look like sisters, but they don’t really look alike. They’ve had people ask them many times if they’re twins.It’s strange. 😉

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