Dinner and a Show!

Once when my children were quite small, our Uncle Charlie took us to lunch at an exciting sports-themed restaurant in Orlando.  Multiple large televisions adorned every wall with various sporting events playing on them.  Stefani sat by Uncle Charlie, and they were watching a football game, while Jeremy sat by me, and we watched horse racing.

Stefani, Me & Jeremy

Well, with Florida being what it is (a lightning magnet for the daily summer rainstorms), it started to thunder loudly.  Pretty soon, the sky opened up, and it poured.  It wasn’t long before it started hailing, and it was nearly impossible to hear the dozens of televisions, much less the person you were sitting with.

All of a sudden, there was a loud BANG, and the power went out.  The entire restaurant was pitch black, and the sound of rain and hail still pounded on the roof.  It was nearly a full minute before the power came back on, however when it did, all the televisions were tuned in to the same channel… all showing vivid, hardcore porn!  (Yes, really!)  Worse yet, the rain died down suddenly, so the volume of the televisions was “quite distinct” as well.

Uncle Charlie and I were laughing hysterically as we tried to cover my kids’ eyes and ears, and the manager and restaurant staff scrambled to get all the televisions turned off.  The trouble was, there were more televisions than employees, and they had to pull chairs over and climb on them to reach them which made their task taken even longer.  The poor manager was mortified, though most of the patrons laughed and applauded.  It was quite hilarious, and to top off our “dinner and a show,” we got our meals for free that day.

Talk to me:  Have you ever watched porn in public?  (No, wait, I don’t want to know that.)  Do you ever visit sports-themed restaurants?  If so, do you watch more than one television at a time?  Do you ask to be seated so that you can view a particular sport as opposed to the luck of the draw where they seat you?

40 thoughts on “Dinner and a Show!

  1. I don’t watch a lot of sports on TV. I will watch college football, if Notre Dame is playing, and I’ve asked to have the channel changed at sports bars. College football is all show biz now, so I don’t get excited about it.

  2. I bet every time there’s a risk of a thunder storm the place is packed out with hopeful adolescents 😉

    I find TV’s in pubs annoying and distracting (though I would expect them in a sports pub!).

  3. That’s so funny. I used to like sports bars, but it’s like they’re all phoning it in lately. We’ve gone to a couple lately so I could check out the beer selection. Every television had the same thing on. Golf, auto racing, etc. someone should tell these alleged sports bars that it’s baseball season. At least pick one TV and throw a guy a bone.

      • I am genuinely amazed by all the things which happen to you! I have another friend like you… the stories she has to tell, just like you! Things just seem to happen to some people, don’t they? Do you know what I mean? Or maybe it’s just that you have the knack to remember it all and turn it into a gripping tale, a true storyteller as of old!

  4. Seriously Rachel, you have the most interesting experiences! I can just imagine how the restaurant’s employees scrambled to turn the TVS of – hilarious!

    You look so young in that photo with your kids, you must have had children early…

    Diana xo

  5. Cue the music Rachel … No, not that porn music, the ESPN Sportscenter music, da-da-domp, da-da-domp. Yes, of course I’ve gone to a sports bar to watch sports on television, and more than one game on more than one television, and pushed my way to a special table near the TV I wanted to be closest to, and asked for the TV I was closest to be changed to the game I wanted to be watched, AND asked for the sound system in the place to be changed to the game I wanted to hear. But you knew I would say all that, come on, my friend.

    • Bwaaahaaahaa! That’s so funny! Yes, I can definitely see you doing that. 😀 And yes, I did think of “bow-chicka-bow-bow” porn music (I think that’s actually 70s porn LOL!). YIKES!

  6. What a funny story, but poor customers (those who did not want to see this) 🙂 I have been to sports bar, but I generally do not watch the televisions–I find it difficult to concentrate on what’s going on, with so much noise and chatter 🙂

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  8. Loved reading your post Rachel, but as far as TVs go in restaurants, it’s not my cup of tea.
    Can imagine how embarrassed the staff would be when the porn came on!! I love a good storm though!! 🙂

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