A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the…

Surprise!  My theme for August is true funny stories that will hopefully not be too long.  I hope your funny bone gets tickled this month.  Here’s my kick-off story…

Once my sister Michelle, my best friend Lora, and I were at an outdoor concert in Connecticut.  Between sets, we wanted to walk across the street to our hotel and freshen up.  We knew the band, and they said they were also headed to the hotel for a bit, but they had to secure their instruments first and would be right behind us.

Michelle, Lora & Me

So as the three of us walked, we had to walk across a field then along the side of the road for about a half a block before we could cross.  I was nearest the road, Michelle was next to me, and Lora was by her.  As we walked dangerously close to the edge of the busy road, cars whizzed by.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, a bump in the gravel reached up and grabbed me by the ankle.

As I started to fall, it was like it was happening in slow motion.  I didn’t fall “down” per se, but I actually went flying and ended up parallel to the ground where it felt like I was suspended for several seconds.  As I hovered, the only thing on my mind was, “Oh, I hope the band isn’t behind me watching this!”  I was mortified!

Finally, the entire front of my body hit the ground with a thud.  The weird thing was both Michelle and Lora ran over and told me it happened in slow motion, and they, too, said it looked like I was suspended in the air!

My ankle hurt, the wind was knocked out of me, and I was beyond embarrassed!  I asked Lora and Michelle if the band saw me fall.  (Thankfully they were nowhere in sight.)  However, as I started to get up, several cars screeched to a halt.  More than a dozen people ran over to me and asked which car had hit me!  Someone was already on the phone with the police saying something about a hit and run driver and asking for an ambulance.  Some people forced me to stay on the ground cautioning me not to move, and more and more people kept gathering around and asking me questions about the runaway car!  (Talk about making an embarrassing situation even MORE embarrassing!)

I wanted to die!  I just knew our band friends would come walking up at any moment, and I just wanted to be gone.   It seemed like forever passed before I was able to calm the crowd and dismiss them, and I covered my face as I quickly limped over to the hotel.  Later when we went back to the next show, we still heard rumblings in the crowd about “some girl who was hit by a car.”  (I have since wondered if perhaps I really was clipped by a car and never even realized it.)

So tell me:  Have you even fallen down in an extremely embarrassing forum?  Have you ever been hit by a car?  Do you think I was actually hit by a car or just clumsy that day?

Michelle, Lora & Me

39 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the…

  1. I’ve taken a number of falls while fishing. I wrote a whole essay about falling. . . . You girls must have broken a lot of hearts with so much beauty in one spot.

  2. In your second paragraph you say, ‘the band and they said they were also headed to the hotel for a bit’ – here in England that would have an entirely different meaning. As such you will understand that until I read on I thought you were going to own up to being a ‘groupie.’ Shocked was I young Rachel as I had you marked down as pure. Another fine true story by the way.
    Oddly many years ago – and not on drugs I stress – I was thrown 10 feet across a room (I have a witness) by what I then supposed was a poltergeist! Obviously it wasn’t as they don’t exist yet never could adequately explain the event.

  3. When I fall down, I spring back up at lightning speed (even if I’m in pain) and the first thing I do after that is look around to see if anyone saw me fall!

    One of my greatest fears is to look foolish.

    Diana xo

      • Just use the old “fake it ’til you make it” advice. It works and people don’t know the difference. 🙂 Once my dress got stuck in my purse and the side of my rear end hung out. One of the attorneys where I worked laughed and pointed at me, (and believe me I was mortified!) so I just shrugged it off and said, “Oh, if you like that, let me give you the full view” and I pulled up my dress and mooned him (with panties on, of course). He turned red and was so embarrassed he never spoke about it again. But I guarantee if I’d have let on that I was embarrassed, he would have used that to make fun of me for the next few years. 🙂

  4. I was on the way back from a university departmental party once upon a long ago and fell down an embankment where I was hit by an off-duty policeman in his car. I was so drunk I didn’t even notice, though apparently his car hit my leg really hard. The paramedics came along, pronounced me “drunk” and left again, so I walked home. I suppose I was lucky I wasn’t arrested “for my own safety”.
    Ah, student days.

  5. wow, what a crazy and funny story, it really just kept getting funnier by the minute. (sorry, and glad you were okay). i fall down all the time, quite often for no reason, just because i’m wearing wedges or not )

  6. That is funny! Falling can be embarrassing. As for the whole car bit, yes, if so many people thought you were hit you probably were. I was once hit by a cab in NYC. I had no idea what happened and probably wouldn’t know I had been hit by a cab unless the guy had stopped and got out of his car.

  7. I am a frequent tumbler after turning my ankle, Rachel. It always feel like the ground comes up to meet me! Was that busy road outside the New York State Fair by any chance? There are always loads of people walking along that one, and cars whipping past them. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were clipped. I’m glad you weren’t hurt. Or seen by the band!

    Great theme this month, my friend. Yay!

    • This fair was in Woodstock, CT. At the NY state fair, though, once I got into a fight with 2 girls who threw another girl’s jacket in the mud and stole her seat while she was in the restroom. Unfortunately, I don’t remember any of it because I tend to black out when I do these superhero things, but my sister and BFF (as well as the band) all told me about it later and it sounded pretty cool. I’m usually mild-mannered like Clark Kent, until I see someone taking advantage of someone else, then I’m a tiger. LOL!

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