Where Will You Go?

Hello and Happy Friday, friends.  Welcome to August, and for some of you, the last month of summer vacation.  Do you have any big plans before summer ends?

Have a wonderful weekend!


32 thoughts on “Where Will You Go?

    • I know! Where did the time go? Congratulations on your new release! When are you going to let me interview you so we can showcase some of your books? 🙂 {I know your schedule is very full.}

  1. Tomorrow morning, I shall give the dustbin lids (Kids) a shake. They can them make me a cup of splosh (Tea) A quick scoot round the cat an mouse (House) to have a tidy up. Give her indoors a kiss good morning, duck the wellington boot. Clean the jam jars (Cars) Sit at the computer and have a gander (look) at what is going on in the world. A quick nose bag (Snack) And then gardening until the current bun goes down. Sunday, sit on me arris and do diddley squat.

  2. How is it already August?
    I always have SOMETHING with me that I can jot ideas down in… vacation, in my mind, is a chance to spend a lot of time dedicated to a fun writing project….
    I was once told I’m really bad at “doing nothing.” Think it might be true!

  3. Writing on holiday never works for me, unfortunately. I need to be in my comfort zone at home, the routine. Vacation time, so many distractions, such an effort to stay focused, it’s more fun to just have fun.

    Well, last month I went to Florida (not the best place and more or less made the most of it) and now my summer plans are over. Back to the writing board!

  4. It seems like the summer just flew by, but at least there is another month to make the most of it 🙂 Not that I am between jobs, I am definitely going to get back to my story with the hopes of completing the first draft by the end of September!

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