Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Today, I hope you will join me in wishing a very happy birthday to my sister, Michelle.

Michelle & Rachel After Skydiving

This photos is from a few years back just after we went skydiving on one of my birthdays.  Michelle is on the left.

Michelle, you’re the best!  I hope we can skydive again soon and that we have many more fun adventures ahead.  Happy Birthday, Sistah!  ~Rach

59 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Michelle!

  1. Crikey Rachel you went sky diving with her! Trust you frisked her for scissors – she could have cut the cord and everything! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG MICHELLE by the way.

  2. Happy Birthday to Michelle!! YAY!! 😀

    And thank you, Rachel, for liking mine yesterday. The lady is quite shy about her writing and periodically threatens to delete the whole thing. Not to mention the arthritis in her hands. But she writes quite wonderful Haiku, as Mike Steeden also knows. And her sister is my dearest friend. I didn’t mean to not praise you, for I also love your site. Got that, dear friend 🙂

  3. Wow – I’m jealous! I’ve heard that skydiving is an absolutely amazing experience, but have never actually worked up the nerve to actually hurl myself out of a plane! I’m impressed… happy birthday to your sister!

    • Michelle says, “Thank you!” 😀 Yes, Skydiving is AMAZING! It is not at ALL like the “falling” feeling you get on a roller coaster. It just feels like you’re floating and even when you land, it isn’t even as jolting as jumping off a chair… you just pitter patter down lightly. I hope you try it someday! 😀

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