29 thoughts on “Just One More

      • Laura Owen, writer: As a passionate lover of the semi-colons, I think the notion that semi-colons are pretentious is a hang-over from the modernist rejection of nineteenth-century prose. It’s also insidiously gendered: see this amazing article, which points out the language that Hemmingway and Vonnegut talk about semi-colons makes them out to be “girlies” and “transvestite-like” See: Kurt Vonnegut called the marks “transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing.” AND Hemingway and Chandler and Stephen King, said McIntyre, “wouldn’t be seen dead in a ditch with a semi-colon (though Truman Capote might). Real men, goes the unwritten rule of American punctuation, don’t use semi-colons.

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