Whats a Few Misplaced Apostrophe’s Among Friend’s?

Apostrophe Misuse — Now there’s a thing that peeves a lot of people.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

And speaking of parties, while he’s not an English teacher, I want to give a shout out to Richie Sambora, lead guitarist for the band Bon Jovi, for his birthday today.  And if you knew my affinity for Bon Jovi, you wouldn’t be surprised that I included the band’s members on my birthday list.  (After all, if you’ve been following me long, you remember that I also acknowledged Jon Bon Jovi on his special day.)  While Richie isn’t an author, he is a song writer.  Happy 55th Birthday, Richie!

17 thoughts on “Whats a Few Misplaced Apostrophe’s Among Friend’s?

  1. Editors for outdoor mags hate semicolons; it’s not Hemingway. I put them in just so they can flex, then tell them that I’m confident enough in my masculinity to use a semicolon if I want to. I’m sure the readers won’t mistake me for Virginia Woolf.

  2. I’t’s b’e’s’t t’o b’e s’u’r’e s’o t’o b’e a’l’w’a’y’s r’i’g’h’t.

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