Sneaky Drug Dealers

As many of you know, I normally try to be lighthearted and humorous to counteract some of the intense subjects about which I write my novels.  However, when I decided on my blog theme this month of being about pet peeves, I knew I’d have some intense or maybe even controversial issues on my list.  So, in order to keep a good balance, I’ll be including some of my sillier pet peeves.

Today’s pet peeve shouldn’t bother me nearly as much as it does.  But I can’t stand television commercials for prescription medication!  Thirty years ago, such commercials were unheard of.  Physicians actually did their job and knew what to prescribe.  But now, since the media is calling for me to know the difference between certain medications and for me to be informed enough to tell my doctor what I want, then why does my medical visit cost more than ever?  I don’t know who to be more irritated with, the medical field or the pharmaceutical companies.

Furthermore, do you ever look at the fine print for the side effects that some of these medicines produce?  To cure your heartburn, you may experience symptoms of migraines, dizziness, fainting, bad breath, bloody diarrhea, suicidal tendencies, sleepwalking, seizures, or spontaneous combustion.  Sure, you could die, but by golly, your heartburn isn’t what will kill you!  Yeah, sign me up!

If these medications produce such horrid side effects, then how is it that the FDA approves them for human consumption?  It seems to me that until they get these possibilities under control, these drugs should still be considered as being in the test phase.

Talk to me: What is your least favorite television commercial?  Have you ever suggested a medication to your doctor based on one you saw on TV?  Would you refuse a prescription offered to you by your doctor in favor of one you saw in an advertisement?

53 thoughts on “Sneaky Drug Dealers

  1. Weird – we don’t get adverts for medicine on UK TV at all. However many years ago a doctor prescribed me an anti-depressant that was certainly doing the job yet driving to work one morning I heard on the radio that it had been taken off the market as 8 people had died in swift succession whilst on it. Odd thing was the doctor didn’t contact me – I had to contact him. He suggested I stop taking it that instant – would have been nice if he had maybe phoned me rather than the other way about!

  2. I hate the ones that are going for snob appeal. These involve someone talking over my head and using a ton of jargon and monikers. I saw one over the weekend, “I’m D.A.V.E. and I have C.O.P.D, and I treat it with…some other bunch of letters.

    There’s one where a guy is talking to his wife, and it’s all “as you know Bob” dialog. “I have AFRIB a type of….

    I hate the medical ads.

  3. I’m not big on pills Rachel, so I’m more inclined to not take them, or ask the doctor how to wean off them, or…

    I think they have to say the possible side effects, no matter how rare, so people don’t sue the drug companies if something goes wrong.

    Diana xo

    • I’m guessing with your healthcare system in Canada, you don’t have nearly the problem we do with the pharmaceutical companies in cahoots with the doctors that they put through school. 🙂

      • the pharmaceutical companies are money makers here too. I don’t know whether they put doctors through school but they have been investigated for what they do and do not qualify as beneficial to the public. It doesn’t take much you know; to approve a drug…

  4. My biggest advertising pet peeve are car commercials. They keep telling me such and such car is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. To me, they all still look like boxes with four wheels. Until they start making flying cars, I won’t be impressed.

  5. My least favorite commercials are the body shaming ones. You know, the ones targeting women who might have–gasp!–fine lines or uneven skin tone. Or men who have gray hair or thinning hair or no hair. I mean, we’re probably going to be dealing with food and water shortages, major disasters due to climate change, and energy crises in the next few decades, but at least we’ll look good!

  6. Commercials are one of two reasons why I don’t watch commercial television. They interrupt the broadcast every few minutes to shriek (literally – the volume always GOES UP) about some dumb product I’ll never buy. On PBS, the commercials are all lumped together between programs, where they can be muted easily.

  7. My least favorite commercials are almost all of them–I feel they are trying to sell us a lifestyle or tell us how we should live. I especially am wary of drug commercials because of the side effects (consequences) many have!

  8. Feminine products!! Not because I have a problem with the products or discussion about them; it’s the way they make women look stupid or inept when it comes to the application of them! Like we need to be told how to use them properly. Just makes me groan.

    • Oh, that’s true. I hate when political commercials don’t tell me anything good about the candidate they want me to vote for, but only want to tell me something bad about who to vote against.

  9. I am currently working in my laboratory — say it properly, please, Rachel, la-BOAR-A-TOARY — and am very close to coming up with a new wonder pill. Quite simply, it does away with the side effects of all the other pills on the market today. I am almost finished. Once ingested, it indeed immediately rids you of the side effects of all the other pills. But there is one last hangup, Rachel. One day after you take it, it causes the side effects of all the other pills.

    Thank you for listening so patiently despite your pet peeve. 🙂

  10. I know. I think they only put their commercials on TV because people who are informed of the small print avoid those pills like the plague, and it’s been scientifically proven that people are more gullible when they’re bombarded via television with imagery, music, color, etc.
    I wish the FDA would forbid all medication commercials on TV. It would certainly make things more pleasant for those who watch it. Also, why are they approving these things? Why did they ever approve high-fructose corn syrup? IT has side-effects! It makes me irritable, even irrational at times, if I eat it (so do food dyes and some artificial flavors)! Gah! THIS IS NOT A MYTH! THEY KEEP TELLING US IT IS, BUT IT ISN’T! It’s true for at least some people.
    That’s just something that annoys me, personally… 😛

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