Are You Old Enough?

Happy July, Friends!  This month we’ll be discussing pet peeves.  If you happen to have any you want to share, and if they peeve me as much as they do you, I’ll be happy to write a post about them.  Here’s one of mine:

Have you ever wondered who on Capitol Hill is in charge of setting the “legal ages” for certain life events, and moreover what they were thinking when they did?

For example, in most states, you can quit school without parental consent at the age of 16…  But you cannot see a Rated R movie without adult supervision until the age of 17.  Furthermore, at 16, while you can choose to take yourself out of school without a parent, you cannot then change your mind and enroll yourself back in high school with Mommy or Daddy’s signature.

At 16, you can also get a driver’s license and drive a car.  However, you can’t own a car, and if you cause an accident, your parents who may not even have been present, are responsible for the damages.

Now, if you’re 18, you can also enroll in the armed forces and lay down your life for your country, but God-forbid you take a sip of alcohol for another 3 years until you’re 21.

So in conclusion, you can make the maturely wise decision to throw your life away by giving up on your education at 16 years old, and at that age you can even get a job, but don’t plan on buying a rated R movie ticket with your wages.

Only one short year later, you’ll be allowed to see some rear-end nudity by yourself at a movie theater when you turn 17.

A year after that, at 18 years old, you can buy a lottery ticket, you can get a credit card, and you can sign a legally-binding contract.  At 18, you can even vote for the president, unenroll yourself from high school and move, sign a lease, get married, change your name, and enroll in a different school altogether.  And the school isn’t even allowed to tell your parents where you transferred.  But by golly, don’t you dare get sick, because Mom, not Hubby, will have to be the one to write you a note to excuse your absence if you do.

Just three short years later, after you’ve moved out of the house, gotten married, applied for a few credit cards, had your own children, helped elect the new President, and served in the military, you can pour yourself a big glass of champagne to celebrate your accomplishments, but don’t even think of going to Alamo or Enterprise to rent a car to take the family on vacation…  That will have to wait another 4 years!

Talk to me:  How do you feel about these legal ages of certain landmarks?  What’s your biggest pet peeve?  How old were you (or how old will you be) at your high school graduation?  Do you have any big plans this summer?


27 thoughts on “Are You Old Enough?

  1. I wish it was possible to get bureaucrats to be consistent, but as it is not, I fear there may be no hope for consistency in this country… at all.
    If only it was possible… *sigh*
    *kicks Disney and runs off in tears to watch Merlin because the BBC PWNS all Hollywood stuff*

    • Oh, I have a TON of those. In fact, I will probably NOT write about my peeves with drivers, because I will get too long-winded, AND because I don’t want to come off as COMPLETELY negative. However, if you have a suggested peeve, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. 😀

  2. In England the legal age for drinking is 18. So it was really weird to go over to the states back when I was 20, having been drinking for 2 years already, and be refused service for cocktails!

    But yeah, even at the age of 23, I still have trouble renting a car. Buying and owning my own car is completely fine. Renting one? don’t be silly. This was annoying because I recently moved and kind of wanted to hire a van but couldn’t. We ended up walking the sofa down the road.

    • I bet that was frustrating about the drinking age! Even here, there are some states that are different than others, so if you cross state lines, you can experience that.

      As for walking the couch, that stinks! 😀

      • It was certainly a shock to be told no, I will not serve your alcohol!

        And moving the couch with 5 friends wasn’t the worst thing. At least it was a really sunny day!

      • Well if you were old enough to drink when you moved the couch, that could have actually been fun. Yes, rain would have been horrific! LOL

  3. Pundits, perfect hair, and people who listen to half truths for three hours a day and think they are “informed.” People who follow a straight party line until they are so far removed from common sense that they can’t find their way back. Millionaires with trophy wives who think they are the voice of the common man. Ah. That felt good. Thanks, Rachel.

  4. I have the same pet peeve’s. The one about being able to drop out of school and age 16 bugs the heck out of me. I have had some people in my school drop out at 16 and they now regret it. That is on them though. If it was my child, I would put my foot down. My child would not be able to have that kind of responsibility to think that it is okay to drop out of school. My mother was pregnant at age 14 and she wanted to drop out. My grandmother made her go to school with the belly and she graduated high school.

  5. Since you put it this way, Rachel … Good gravy, how does anybody keep the age limit on anything straight, anywhere? Federal limits. State limits. International limits. Space station limits. Flintstone limits. Jetsons limits …

    OK, I got carried away.

    But I surely agree with you about being peeved about the apparent randomness of it all.

    Here’s a pet peeve for you to tackle. Drivers who think that putting their flashing hazard lights on overrides any ‘no parking signs.’ So I can’t make my right turn out of my street onto the busier road because you put your hazard lights on to run into the corner store to buy your morning coffee and blocked my turn. Idiot!

    • UGH! That would irritate me, too! I figured your pet peeve would be about people who suggest you keep your gopher as a pet. 😉

      As for the above, I think the Space Station would be a good start. You made me giggle quite loudly! 😀

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