Where Do Cats Hide?

This month, I’ve been talking about what I write and how I write it, with some random things thrown in for good measure.  Today, the random thing is cats.

I believe I’ve established before that many writers have cats.  However, I have not gotten into the finer details about cats, such as where they hide… and they DO like to hide.

Can you find the cat here?

Above is part of my desk.  Normally, it isn’t quite so messy; and normally, I also wouldn’t show it off (or frankly even take a photo of it) in this sloppy condition.  However, look closely.  Do you see the yellow eye peeking out?  If not, I’ll help you in a moment.

So, yes, indeed, cats love to hide.  What they do NOT like is to be dressed in fine evening wear and told to pose.

This is Zsa Zsa. See that coy smile?

When you’re a cat that belongs to a writer who’s also a professional photographer, anything goes.  Out of all my cats, Zsa Zsa, or “Zsazsy” as we often call her, is the tiniest.  I like to think she’s French (ooh la la!), so I also call her “ma petite chat.”  When she speaks, she even says, “Le meow.”

Anyway, like her brother and sisters, she likes to hide.  Were you able to spot her up top?

Heeeere’s Zsazsy!

There she is!  So this concludes my posts for June.  But today’s post about pets is a good segue into what July’s topic will be: PET PEEVES.  Happy Last Day of June, Friends!


38 thoughts on “Where Do Cats Hide?

  1. I used to have a black cat, Simba, and when my grandson opened the cupboard door to get a glass for water, Simba came out the door. It freaked him out! LOL! Lo and behold, we found a little cubby hole underneath where the two cupboards joined that she was able to get up and into. We closed that off quickly. 🙂

  2. As a child, I brought many the stray cat home. Most ended up at ‘the farm.’ As an adult, I’ve only ever had one cat. He was black and I called him, “Boris, Boris the black Russian,” said in the same way as “Bond. James Bond.”
    Diana xo

  3. LOL No way was I even close in finding your kitty. But was pretty certain I saw her on the other side of the photo- talk about convince yourself of something that just plain is not! Love love love cats…well and dogs…and horses…pretty much if it’s furry…well wait some others too…pretty much animals cover it. I’ve had cats here and there in my lifetime usually a decade or so- depending on their life span (as they all have been rescued). RIght now I have only dogs-4 greyhounds -also all rescued. I miss having cats as they are both cuddling (when they feel like it), entertaining and fun, playful, and appear to have no filter what so ever, If you pissed the cat off, you will know. If the cat wants to try your supper while you’re eating with food on lap on the couch, the cat will make his presence known…may even hav to help himself if he loses patience with your inattentiveness to his desires.lol I miss that you don’t have to try to quiet the ruckus when there’s a knock on the door, or when the mailman steps on the porch to leave the mail. They always surprise at the perches they choose to surveil the room.ANd it’s great how the cat races throughout the house begin about 20 minutes after you get in bed for the night…oh and the kneading bread motion when they lie on top of you after they come to sleep. gotta love ’em.

  4. I think in some states the humane society can take the cat away from you for dressing it up like your Zsa Zsa glamor shot, Rachel. Careful, there, professional photographer. All little French Meowie has to do is put a call in to the local and ze rest, as zey say, weel be heeestory.

    Pet Peeves, huh? How about people who do not speak French pretending in type by putting in some z’s and extra eee’s. Silly writer.

    Thanks for a great June, my friend.

    And yes, I really did spot Zsa Zsa on your desk, her one green-yellow eye worth.

  5. Add me to the list of writers with cats! And I agree they like to hide. When we were having our bathroom remodeled in the fall, they would hide as soon as they heard the men’s voices. When the men went outside for lunch, they would creep out to see me, then run back and hide when the men returned.

    • LOL! I’ve got two cats that run run away from male voices and two that will run right up to any man and attach themselves to him. 🙂 Zsa Zsa seems to think my son is her boyfriend! Whenever she’s in heat, she head for him and makes him pet her the entire week! If he’s not home, she camps out by his bedroom door that week! LOL! 😀

    • Yessssss…… That’s the look exactly! You should have seen the year we had Santa in the studio and made ALL the cats and the bunny wear their Christmas outfits! They were NOT happy at all! LOL! 😀

      • 🙂 It’s kind of sad how when you want to cuddle the cat, the cat doesn’t want to cuddle you, and when you’re busy, that’s when the cat wants attention. 😛

      • LOL! You’re probably just allergic to their hair. If you get a sphinx cat, they are hairless. I got a half-sphinx at the SPCA. She has no whiskers or “eyebrows” or ear hair and her “fur” really isn’t fur at all, but undercoating. Her face and tail are completely bare and her torso and legs just have the downy-like undercoat. She’s the softest animal you’ve ever felt, and of course never gets hairballs either which is a bonus. 🙂

      • Hmmm… I think I might actually be allergic to the dandruff… though I had a similar reaction to a rabbit once… *sigh* I’m not quite sure what my allergies are to, yet.

      • Ah. I’ve had (2) cats that I think the dander was my allergy, and I couldn’t stand to be in the same room as them. One I still own and of course, she’s picked me as her person, so she constantly wants to be near me. (UGH!) And the other one made a hole in a screen and got out and ran away a month after I got him and I could never find him again. But with those two, I always sneeze(d) and have burning eyes. With the others, they don’t bother me.

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