This is NOT the Zombie Apocalypse!

I am not a sci-fi person.*  And as I define sci-fi, I mean I do like TV shows such as The Twilight Zone or Quantum Leap.  Or The Jetsons.  I do like ghost stories and paranormal stuff.  But I do not watch such shows as Star Trek or Walking Dead.  I just don’t really get into outer space stuff or things like different intelligent species.

Once, my sister dragged me to Avatar with her, and I was the only person in the full theater who sat there clenching my teeth and growling the entire time.  I was sandwiched between my sister Michelle who kept gasping and putting her hand up to her mouth, and the man on the other side me who was, I believe, Tommy Chong’s doppelganger.  He kept slapping me on the knee and saying “Groovy!”  (Yes, really!)  Then I’d scowl at him, and he’d look at me and gasp and say, “Oh, I’m sorry.”  Then I’d glare at Michelle and between my clenched teeth say, “I hate you!”

I sometimes even have dreams that would probably make a really good sci-fi book or movie, but I just can’t wrap my head around them enough to do anything with them.  Just last week I had a dream about a zombie apocalypse, and I woke up saying, “Now where in the world did THAT come from?”

So, having said that, for today’s Throwback Thursday, I’m going to share one of the most embarrassing pieces of work I’ve ever written.  I was nine years old when I wrote this, and, yes, it was the first and only time I ever dipped my toe in the sci-fi pool.  I had a toy typewriter at the time, and I distinctly remember playing with my Barbies in the backyard when I had the “AHA! moment” to run inside RIGHT NOW and write this corny story.  So, if you want a good laugh today, then feel free to have one at my expense.  I don’t mind.  Really.

Click to enlarge (Page 1) — {How about these uniforms? LOL!}

Click to enlarge (Page 2) — {Half a cat? Really? LOL!}

Click to enlarge (Page 3) — {The Little Miss Universe Pageant? What girl wouldn’t want THAT title? LOL!}

Click to enlarge (Page 4) — {Check out Mrs. Maduley’s rear end! LOL!}

The Adventures of Starbaby (5)

Click to enlarge (Page 5) — {In case you’re wondering, yes, those are cat’s ribs on either side of Starbaby. LOL!}

And this is me at the age I wrote this sci-fi masterpiece after my one and only time fishing as a kid. Check out my fancy bellbottoms! Groovy!

 *Absolutely no offense is intended to all the wonderful sci-fi authors or fans.  I’m sure your work is very good.  I just don’t “get it.”

55 thoughts on “This is NOT the Zombie Apocalypse!

      • “Starbaby” was one of the first songs he release when he left the Guess Who. It was a pretty good number. Yes, I did burn it; it was only four pages long and not at all worth saving. I mean, it wasn’t good at all.

      • I’ll have to check that song out. I don’t have many of my old stories and papers left form when I was a kid, and I have none of my college papers. I really regret that I didn’t save more of them now, even the bad ones. 🙂

      • When I was writing as a tween and teen, I was also suffering from a lot of depression, so whenever I’d come across something I wrote during that time, I’d look at it like it was something alien. It was really a bad time in my life.

      • Oh, I’m sorry, that stinks! As a teenage girl, I was the drama queen, the victim and loved the macabre. Just about everything I wrote then was filled with negativity, angst and was pretty much morbid. I’m thankful that at least I’ve learned how to channel that anger now. And look at how productive you are now! I mean, I may not “get” much sci-fi, but you definitely impress me with how well you write as well as how amazing you are at organizing what you write! 😀

  1. Mrs. Maduley”s butt cracked me up. Fishing for Bluegill with a Cane-pole was how my life started getting out of control. You should revisit this story. I can see Starbaby action figures by Christmas.

  2. Oh my heavens could there be more cuteness ever? lol I am loving the nod to the American sport, the Boys of Summer in the game being played with the beamball and tooth pick. And of course the sleeping pill for kitty caught my attention as SO clever at that age. Obviously a destined writer as evidenced by the need to write it right then when the idea hit!!! Thank you for sharing this!!

      • I have long since loved stories written by kids. Like your post such stories are the one thing where the word ‘magic’ prevails. Have you any more such stories?

      • I do have a few more that are themed with different upcoming holidays, though none as “epic” as this one. The rest are one-pagers, though I believe some might also be illustrated. And they are every bit as corny if not worse than this one. 🙂

  3. Ok I like it. What an incredible imagination and honestly, well constructed story for a nine year-old! You were born to write! Love it. And the illustrations? Come on! Excellent A+ 😀
    Diana xo

  4. You showed your talent early, Rachel. Really.

    You made up a new sport. You typed the story. You drew the pictures.

    Hey, given the chance, me and my 9 year old friends would have tried to play beam ball, the home version. We would have watched beam ball, the Saturday morning cartoon.

    And I would have gone fishing with you, too, and you would have liked it. 😉

    • LOL! I would have loved to have played beam ball and gone fishing with you too. I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this… I was definitely more of the “Little Miss Universe” type than the type to play beam ball. Though, as much as I was into pageants, I was also a tomboy, so I wouldn’t have minded climbing in the cat’s mouth to rescue the ball… I just likely wouldn’t have been the kid who played it. Ah, I could have been your beam ball cheerleader! 😀

  5. Not embarrassing at all–you were nine! I used to write and illustrate stories when I was that age, too. I no longer have them, but I’m sure they would be much more embarrassing! The photo of you is very cute!

  6. I loved your story! I loved all the tiny things, like toothpicks, and the “big people” references, LOL! Also loved the names. . . couldn’t decide if they sounded sci-fi ish or hippyish! 😘 cute!! Loved the illustrations! Your talent was REALLY obvious even at such a young age! And isn’t it amazing, how we can look back and see the seeds so what we loved to do even at such a young age! 😊

    • LOL! Thank you! I was a silly kid, but I think I was more of a hippie girl than a sci-fi girl. Looking back, it is SO funny how far away “the year 2001” seemed, which was actually closer to the time I wrote that than the distance from 2001 to now. 😀

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