Another Throwback Thursday Poem

As of today, we’re officially out of National Poetry Month.  Thank goodness!  I wasn’t sure I could keep it up much longer.  However, as much as I’ve complained, you may find it hard to believe that I’m actually sharing yet another poem with you, today.  But for today’s throwback, I’m not featuring a poem that I wrote.  Instead it is about me. As I’ve shared before, my grandparents raised me from the time I was born.  Grandma’s older sister, Aunt Susie, who lived near us, loved writing poetry and songs. In fact just about any time anyone in the family was born, she wrote a poem to welcome them. So this is the poem she wrote for me a couple of months after I was born. (I’m a little aggravated because I have the handwritten version somewhere, and I can’t seem to find it. But at least I found a retyped copy while I was looking.)

A Poem for Rachel
By: Susie Huey

Wake up, Little Rachel
And give us a smile;
You’re such a little darling,
You nearly drive us wild!

Grandma’s waiting,
And Granddaddy, too;
Here’s Uncle Paul
And Aunt Susie-Q!

Your Mama misses you,
And Daddy’s in a whirl;
They can hardly wait
To see their little girl.

Now you are laughing,
Happy as can be;
You know you are loved,
And that’s your security.

You don’t suck your thumb,
Grandma might scold;
No blanket either –
Except when it’s cold!

P.S. Because April’s theme got me so used to writing in verse, the following is by me:

The poem above can be sung as a chant;
It was written for me by my wonderful aunt.

Rachel and Aunt Susie (2)

(That’s Aunt Susie and me the Christmas just after I turned one… Uncle Paul’s sleeping behind us on the couch.)

Rachel and Aunt Susie (1)

(From Left to Right, that’s Aunt Susie, me, and my grandma.  Luckily we all got the red dress memo that day.)

23 thoughts on “Another Throwback Thursday Poem

  1. Rather a lovely post again! Like it. By the way are you getting the LOMM likes? I been checking our stuff and one or two of our favourite blogs are not getting the ‘likes’ we have made! Annoying to say the least.

    • No, not always…And I’ve also noticed sometimes people “like” my same post again and again, as if it doesn’t take the first time or something. Weird. With you and LOMM, I always try to make time to comment so you’ll know that Kilroy was there. 😉

      • Interesting – on your blog I’ve been ‘liking’ as LOMM as have have already read them on my own blog and liked them. Yet when I return as LOMM when you have put up a new post the ‘like’ to the previous one is no longer there. I raised it with Clive and he thinks it best to check it out with a forum so that is the route I’ll have to go I think. It is not just your blog this is happening with.

      • That Clive’s a smart fellow, eh? A forum is a great idea. I’ll see what I can find, too, and we can compare notes later. 🙂

  2. I would add that I read this piece a little while earlier on LOMM yet the ‘like’ isn’t showing on your blog! Heads will roll at WordPress I tell you!

  3. Another nice poem–its great getting to know you through your recent work–thanks for sharing photos of you and your wonderful family!

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