The Last Throwback Thursday in National Poetry Month

As the title suggests, today is the last Throwback Thursday of National Poetry Month. This is a good thing, because I am afraid I’ve run out of old poems.  I find this particularly frustrating because any poetry (or even short stories) that I wrote by hand or typed when I was a teenager or in college have been long gone, and I regret not keeping them. And the bit of poetry or stories that I wrote on a computer before 2001, I also regretfully failed to save when I changed computers over the years.  GRRR!

Anyway, as for today’s TBT poem, it’s something I wrote (and then cross-stitched) for my Grandma Toby for Mother’s Day in 1994.  I’ve told you before that my grandparents raised me, so she was really my mom and deserved a sweet poem dedicated to her. (Luckily, she saved the cross-stitch version, because, yes, I threw away the notebook where I originally wrote it.)

Rachel's TOBY Poem

(I know. I should’ve cut the strings in back because they show through.)

By: Rachel Carrera
May 8, 1994

Grandma is a word to me
More precious than gold;
Though some say she’s aging,
I don’t think of her as old.

She is so very
Special to me;
The kind of woman
I hope to be.

She opened her heart
And her home to a little girl,
She gave me an education
And prepared me for the world.

She gives me
Unconditional love and care;
When I need a friend,
She is always there.

She encourages me
To do the best I can,
And accepts me
Just the way I am.

The most important gift,
With me she has shared,
Is the story of God
And how much He cared.

I tell her things
I can trust to no other;
To me she is more
Than just a grandmother.

When I need to cry,
She has a shoulder to lend;
She’s my grandma, my hero,
My very best friend.


19 thoughts on “The Last Throwback Thursday in National Poetry Month

  1. Oh wow! This brought tears to my eyes. I lived with my grandma and grandpa for a time and when I worked late nights she would either wait up for me or get up when I came home and sit at the kitchen table with me and talk. I miss her so much! I bet your grandma is so proud to have YOU for a granddaughter. 🙂

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