Spring Cleaning

Well, not only are we nearly through with National Poetry Month, we’re nearly a third of the way through spring. By now, the weather’s getting warmer, and it’s time to think about spring cleaning. With this in mind, my sister Michelle asked me to write a poem about cleaning the house.  So this one’s for Michelle…

Spring Cleaning
By: Rachel Carrera

The snow has melted;
The lawn has turned green.
The winter has passed;
It’s time to spring clean.

As I look in the bathroom,
The tub has a black ring;
In the laundry, the clothes
All have static cling.

All the yearlong,
Cleaning tips I would glean,
‘Til the day would arrive
When my house, I could preen.

I gather supplies,
And I start to sing
As I scrub down the house
And I clean everything.

I wash all the windows
And replace every screen;
Pretty soon, my home
Will be a beautiful scene.

In the bucket of water,
The dirty rag I wring;
When I’m done, my house
Will be fit for a king.

*Note: My house is not actually this dirty!

spring cleaning (1)


25 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. We’ve just had a few days of Sahara red dust (deemed to be serious pollution in the UK media) covering everything and I must say our windows are in shocking state. Given your versatility with household cleaning and such like I’m wondering if you’d mind popping over and cleaning up? Hell of a mess here I can tell you.

    • Yikes! That sounds awful! Is that really true? Yes, I’ll come clean your house and even cook for you and Shirley in exchange for a week’s room and board while I see all there is to see. {I want to photograph a castle!} How about it? 😉

      • The red Sahara sands do arrive here on occassions when the winds blow from the south. This year was particularly awful. You are more than welcome to clean our windows any time you wish. Shame that in the autumn Shirl sacked our window cleaner for putting his prices up a tad too much – we need him now! We have castles galore in these parts – check out Dover Castle on the net – rather beautiful!

      • Oh no! (At first, I thought you said she SOCKED him not sacked him! LOL!) Our lawn maintenance people have all raised their prices too. I guess it’s the rising cost of gas that’s gotten everyone so expensive. Well, whenever I make it to the UK, I’ll be happy to do your windows for free, provided you tell me one of your awesome stories while I work. Then you can point me in the direction of Dover Castle. I will definitely check it out. Thank you! 🙂

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