Uncle Sam Wants You!

It’s April fifteenth, and not only are we now officially halfway through with National Poetry Month, but if you live in the United States, it’s also the last day to file your taxes (or to file your tax extension). Oh, joy. (Isn’t it sad that I’m now having to reach as far as being a spokesperson for the I.R.S. to think of something to write a poem about?)

Uncle Sam Wants You(r Money)!
By: Rachel Carrera

It’s April fifteenth and
A source of great stress;
I have to send in my payment
To the I.R.S.

I don’t know how
I’ll ever get access
To the money I need
To pay all my taxes.

Though I send all my cash
To our great Uncle Sam,
He’s not even polite enough
To say, “Thank you, Ma’am.”

I’m feeling ignored,
And I’m feeling shunned;
I miss the days
When I got a refund.

uncle sam


27 thoughts on “Uncle Sam Wants You!

  1. That iconic artwork comes in handy. I used it 16 years ago to illustrate a college assignment, and then put the poster I’d made in the bathroom, for my kids: “I Want YOU to WASH YOUR HANDS!”

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