The Life of a Writer

Okay, well, we’re nearly halfway through National Poetry Month. I warned you when it started that I didn’t know if I could manage a poem-a-day all month, but I’m working on it. (I’m frankly surprised I’ve lasted this long!) I’ve experimented with various types of poetry, such as acrostic, cinquain, diamonte, and haiku, and while I actually managed to write a few, they didn’t really grab me, so I deleted them.

At any rate, I’m getting writer’s block for poems! My problem isn’t so much being able to write once I get started, but rather thinking of subject matter to write about in the first place. I’ve been trying to keep them humorous and lighthearted, because whenever I’ve written or admired poetry in the past, it’s usually intense and leaves the reader feeling mentally drained. So, if you’ve been thinking my poems have been on the corny side this month, it’s because I’ve been out of my element. Anyway, as for today’s poem, here goes…

The Life of a Writer
By: Rachel Carrera

Over the years,
I have enjoyed reading
About all kinds of characters,
Secondary and leading.

But then one day last year,
I decided to start writing
And to make all my stories
Interesting and exciting.

I can hardly wait
To publish my books,
Whether printed on paper
Or for Kindles and Nooks.



23 thoughts on “The Life of a Writer

  1. I have enjoyed your poems this month–keep continuing to write them. I especially like this poem because I can relate to it 🙂

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