The Adventures of Kathy and Rachel

YAY!  I did it again… I wrote another poem for National Poetry Month.  And since today is Throwback Thursday, though this is not a poem I wrote a long time ago, it tells the story of something that happened back when I was a fourteen.  This one is actually a TRUE story.  (I swear, it really is!)  My cousin Kathy lived with me at our grandparents’ house for a couple of years when we were teenagers.  And she’d kill me if I told you the rest of this story, which is actually even more embarrassing (to her).  (So maybe another day when I don’t use her actual name…  Shh!)


The Adventures of Kathy and Rachel
By: Rachel Carrera

I went to the park
With my cousin one day;
We should have gone home
But we wanted to stay.

We started to swing
On the swings back and forth;
I faced the south,
And my cousin faced north.

We were through with the swings,
But when we jumped out,
I landed on my feet,
But my cousin gave a shout.

“Help me!” she cried,
“My pants stuck in the swing!”
I looked down and I noticed
She wasn’t wearing a thing!

Her shorts had got caught
In the chain at the side;
They ripped off when she jumped,
And she wanted to hide.

We had to walk home,
But she didn’t have pants!
So she ran to the bushes
And hid in the plants.


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