Rachel Carrera’s Author Interviews

I hope everyone will hop on over to Kate and Britt’s blog and follow them for some some exciting news about their recently published book, “Pistils,” as well as a preview of their Author Interview which is scheduled to appear HERE in just a month! 😀

Twintype Books LLC

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love hearing the little details behind one of my favorite author’s books!  Our lovely blog-friend Rachel Carrera has launched an Author Interview series of posts, updated every Friday.  To say this is MY CUP OF TEA is an understatement!!!

My favorite part is that she asks some questions that may seem straightforward on the surface, but they really force the author to think and explain/justify their answers, which truly do lead to some very interesting details!!!

This week is John Berkowitz, and you can access them all with the Author Interview category.  Ours will be published on Friday, May 9th, but we really hope you’ll read them all…there are many things that will make you scream ME TOO!!!! but at the same time it’s fascinating how different we are when it comes to our craft (heh, just wait ’til you read…

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