Vertically Challenged

Aha!  I’ve written another poem in celebration of National Poetry Month.  This one is as corny as ever, though it is true — I’m short!  I thought of it yesterday when I needed a step stool to reach my top kitchen cabinet, while I was watching “Little House on the Prairie.” (Yes, really!)

short people

Vertically Challenged
By: Rachel Carrera

I hate being short
But I’m not very tall;
I want to have long legs
Like a Barbie doll.

I can’t reach high places
Without getting a stool;
And asking for help
At the store isn’t cool.

I have trouble getting things
Down from a high shelf;
And at Christmas, I’m sometimes
Confused for an elf.

The world really stinks
When you’re so very short;
Instead of being called “Half-pint,”
I want to be called “Quart!”


27 thoughts on “Vertically Challenged

  1. LOL you made me giggle! I too am short and need those stools, I tell my granddaughters the cure for being short is to marry a tall man–they can do the top shelves easily. Unfortunately that doesn’t help me much since I am single. lol

  2. And you keep your sense of humor about it so well, may I suggest an alternative headline, all in good spirits?

    A Short Poem by Rachel Carrera

    I like your two-pints of ambition and talent!

  3. Finally, someone understands! It IS embarrassing to ask a tall person to reach the high shelves for you at HEB! Great poem!!!

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