April is National Poetry Month

In case you didn’t know it, here in the United States, we have days and months dedicated to literally everything. And as it turns out, in 1996, the Academy of American Poets introduced April as our National Poetry Month. (Canada also celebrates poetry in April as well, while Great Britain’s celebration takes place in October.)

When I realized there was actually an entire month devoted to poetry, I first thought, “Aha!  I wonder if I can write a poem every day in April?” But the truth is, I’m not much of a poet, so unless the mood hits me, writing poetry isn’t something I go out of my way to delve into.  That said, I also might change my mind later and surprise us all.

At any rate, in keeping with this month’s theme, I submit for your approval, a silly poem I wrote about rhyming. (Yes, I do realize that poems do not actually have to rhyme, but when I write them, they usually do.)


The Queen’s Decree
By: Rachel Carrera

Once and upon
A long ago time,
Was a land whose inhabitants
Spoke only in rhyme.

As a matter of fact
In the land where words rhymed,
The Queen declared that not
Rhyming words was a crime.

As the citizens spoke
To each other in verse,
They wondered if they were
Victims of a curse.

And just when they thought that
Things couldn’t get worse,
The non-rhymers were taken
Away in a hearse!

For when people spoke
With whatever they said,
If the words didn’t rhyme,
They would end up dead.

All of the citizens who couldn’t
Rhyme filled with dread
As they ran while the Queen declared
“Off with their head!”

Finally, the Knave told the
Queen what he’d heard;
That the people all thought
That her law was absurd.

“Enough!” said the Queen;
“You must have misheard,
For rhyming in my kingdom
Is actually preferred.”

“Off with your head!”
The Queen said to the Knave;
“You shall be killed now,
And be sent to your grave.”

But the Knave stood his ground,
And because he was brave,
He offered to take the Queen
Back to his cave.

He wanted her to hear
What the people were saying,
Why their laughter had stopped,
Why the children stopped playing.

Ever since all the citizens
Started obeying
The Queen’s rhyming law,
They all started dismaying.

“What’s this?” The Queen asked
As she alerted the guard,
“I believe all these people
Should be feathered and tarred.”

“Could it truly be people
Think rhyming is hard?”
The Knave replied to the Queen,
“We can’t all be a bard.”

So the Queen thought about all
That the Knave said,
How her kingdom’s citizens
Were all ending up dead.

So she gathered her subjects,
And that’s when she read
Her new royal decree
As birds flew overhead.

“This kingdom’s for playing,
The royal trees are for climbing.
Let’s forget all about
All our talking and rhyming.”

The Queen laid her decree down,
And she started signing
Her name as the sun
Brightly started shining.

The citizens were happy in
The kingdom that day;
Being able to talk
In any old way.

The people did laugh,
And the children did play
As the Queen declared the
Rhyming law gone away.


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