I WANT to Like You

When I was at the height of my career as a professional photographer, I started a photography blog.  But for various reasons, I didn’t really utilize that blog to the fullest.  I didn’t especially need people all over the world to see my photography, but rather only the people that lived close enough to be potential clients.  So I didn’t reach out and follow other bloggers, and I didn’t have many followers other than people that were already on my client list.  I also didn’t blog regularly, but the once or twice a month that I did, I added way too many posts at one time.  And I was fine with that.

Fast forward a few years.  I started writing novels, started researching what I needed to do to grow as a writer, and lo and behold, I needed to start a blog.  This time, I did things differently.  I gave myself the goal of blogging every weekday (or at least scheduling a blog for every weekday).  I look for and find other blogs that interest me, and I follow them.  And I try to make time each day to actually read the new posts of my fellow bloggers. 

wordpress like buttonBut I think I may still be doing something wrong.  The first thing I do is go through my email where it tells me that someone either liked one of my posts, commented, or is now following me.  As I encounter those alerts, I click on one of the links of the suggested posts by that person, then I look for their most current post to read.  At that point, I was having trouble up until a couple of weeks ago when I realized that if I clicked on their banner, it generally took me to their blog’s main page where I could easily navigate to the most recent post.  

While I’m still in my email, a lot of blogs that I follow go straight to my mail and others don’t…  Yet, I didn’t do anything other than click “Follow” on all of them.  (Can anyone explain this?)  At any rate, just as I described above, I then read those posts and click “Like” or perhaps comment. 

Now, I’m not quite sure of “blogging etiquette,” but I just try to be kind.  If someone follows me, I follow them back.  If I read a post, I want to always click “Like.”  (Even in the very rare occasion that I don’t necessarily agree with the post’s topic, I do like that the blog author is writing, so there’s nothing not to like… I’ve only had this happen once, actually.)  If I have extra time that day, I’ll also leave a comment.

After I go through the email, I then go to my “Reader” and look for any posts that I may have missed.  And again, depending on my schedule that day, I may get through an entire days’ worth of posts, or I may only get through a couple of dozen. 

But the problem I’m running into is this:  Sometimes, I can’t find the “Like” button or even the most recent post!  Believe it or not, I am actually not stupid, yet WordPress has managed to leave me flummoxed on more than one occasion.  I realized a few weeks ago that if I click on the title of the post, sometimes that will open the post in its own page and give me the option to like and comment.  However, at other times, I feel like gouging my eyes out because I can’t see how to tell you that I like what you’ve written.  I know this is not your doing, but is probably because of the WordPress “Theme” being used.

So, that being said, I ask you, my friends and fellow bloggers, please take a good look at your own blog, and if I’ve never actually liked anything, please tell me how to do it.  (Also, if unlike me you’re an experienced blogger, if it sounds like I’ve missed a huge step in what I outlined above, I’d definitely be up for any tips you might be willing to share.)

Thank you for helping me “Like” you!


47 thoughts on “I WANT to Like You

  1. I see you found the Like button on my blog – thanks so much! I’ve really struggled to actually find my Liker’s blogs at times. All I can find is their profile. Leaves me very little room to return the favour. Also very vexing. I’m dashing off now, but I’ll certainly be back to discover some of your writing. Always up for being inspired! Thanks again for dropping in 🙂

  2. Thanks for focusing some attention on the ‘bones of blogging’ on WordPress, Rachel.

    When I find that there is no option to click ‘like’ on somebody’s post, I’ve been assuming that they’ve gone into the settings on their dashboard and turned the ‘like button’ off.

    Maybe I’m wrong.

    Anybody out there who can help Rachel and I understand what’s going on?

  3. I make it easy for people, but it’s an option that bloggers don’t have to offer the like option until the actual post is loaded. That gives the blogger a higher “hit” or “view” count. Since WP doesn’t provide you a total of “likes” some people prefer to increase their hits instead. I personally don’t always have time to laboriously load multiple pages, which can take a long time. I agree, I wish people would make it easier on us. Still, it’s a matter of personal preference. Some bloggers fear that you will like something without even bothering to read. Or they don’t want likes from a reader which then doesn’t also translate into a hit at all. I don’t have time to strategize or agonize. I’m pleased with likes, hits and comments, and I don’t care which. Although I have to admit, that commenters I care for more, I know they have put the time into it. Real connection is important to me. But I’m realistic, nobody can comment on everything. There are 500,000 blogs out there!

    • That is incredible! It stands to reason that there would be an actual science to this, but I honestly never figured it would be that intense. I think at this rate, blogging could be a full time job! 😀

      • Yes, it could easily be a full-time job or even longer hours than that. The more hours, the more success it seems to me. You have to decide what you’re prepared to put into it. It’s not a chore for me, it’s a pleasure.

  4. I noticed that on some of the blogs that I follow too. I just go to their main page where I can leave a comment (usually my opinion about the subject of the post) and “like” them there. Hope that helps.

  5. Some folks may not have Likes enabled for all pages on their blogs. To learn how to manage how the button is displayed, go to Support, type Likes into the search engine, click on Likes when the hit list comes up (it will probably be the first one). The article covering all of your Like options will come up under the sub-heading Social Tools, which is also available in the Topics menu under Support Home, to the right.

    Follow and Like should also show up in the black bar across the top of the screen when you’re logged in and visiting a page, but if you’ve made your browser zoom in several levels to enlarge tiny text for easier reading, the Like option can disappear. Try zooming out, to get it back.

  6. Yep, like they said. Comments can be turned off as well, just like ‘likes’. Personally I think it a good rough guide to what I’m writing, without being compulsive about stats, and so I like them all on, even comment likes (very rarely used, BTW)

    Different strokes and all, I suppose.

    • There are still some I don’t even know what they mean, such as the “press this” button. I’ve pushed it and it seems to be similar (or maybe exactly the same) as the re-blog button up at the top??? Hopefully one day, I’ll catch on. Probably the week before they change things! LOL! 😀

      • ‘Press this’ will open a link from the article for you in a pop-up window (you can add other things there as well).

        Then you can save it as a draft or directly publish it. It’s a good deal like a more controllable reblog, really. I use it quite a bit, but I also have it as a Chrome extension so it works from nearly anywhere.

        Me too, they keep changing thing faster than I can figure them out 😀

  7. I always like people’s blog and try to comment on them. But, then I noticed, no one would come over to my blog to like or comment on it. I guess it’s for the best, I mean I don’t always, read blogs that are in my email. I want to, but, I just don’t have the time. Blogging, successful blogging, takes up a lot of time. I wouldn’t call myself a successful blogger, but I try to write everyday. Great post! Besides, at least you’re honest.

    • You know, I try to always like, and if I can add something to the thought, I’ll comment when I have time. But, sometimes I don’t comment, simply because it is a good post and I have nothing to say that could make it better (such as when it’s just a photo sometimes). Of course, sometimes, someone posts something that’s so obscure, I really don’t know what to say. So, I just like that they wrote SOMETHING. 😀

  8. (smiling) First things first: if you go into your reader (blogs I follow) click Edit just to the right. It will pull up all the people you follow and there you can decide if you want to be alerted instantly, weekly, never, etc. Just clicking follow only makes it come to your reader.

    You are right about the blog theme. My personal one you have to go into the post to like it, my professional blog you can like from the home page. Also, folks can disable their like and/or comment features, for instance, I disable the comment function on my Friday Picks because I want people to comment on the author’s blog.

    Writing every day is admirable. I started out that way and it was too much. Now I post on Sundays and Wednesdays and feature someone else on Fridays on my personal blog and post every Tuesday on my professional blog.


    this comment is longer than most of my posts! haha 😉

    Diana xo

      • Thank you again. Good luck adjusting your READER, under “Blogs I Follow”, if you hit the “edit” button, it will bring up a list of all the blogs you follow, and you have the option to edit each one as you desire. I personally like to get an email notification, so I have to go in and edit manually. For some reason when I follow a blog it defaults to the “off” option, so I change it to “Send a new posts by email: Instantly”. I hope this info was helpful, maybe more information than you wanted or needed.

      • Oh, okay, I didn’t know that. That helps, too. Thank you! Yes, I’d like them to go to my email so I can be sure not to miss anything. Although about 3 weeks ago, I was following someone who posted every hour or so, so I was inundated with emails each day. And then shortly after they posted about 15 posts one weekend, I got a computer virus, when I really didn’t visit many other sites during that time. So that had me concerned after my computer guy took 2 days to get me back to normal. But hopefully that’s not normally the case. (I unfollowed them after that just to be safe,though.) 🙂

  9. I can’t find the ‘like’ button on some blogs either! I do know that you can get rid of the like button, so maybe people only want you to leave comments? I dunno, but it drives me up the wall too when I can’t find the ‘like’. I mean, I do try and comment most of the time, but sometimes I just don’t have time and instead liking is all I can do, to at least let the blogger know I read and enjoyed the post 🙂

    • Exactly! That’s exactly what I was trying to say as well. 🙂 I always enjoy your posts, even though I don’t always have time to comment. I was surprised today to see you were typing…I thought for sure you’d have found another notebook with good paper. 😀

      • I fell in love with one notebook then saw the price, so that was unfortunate 😀 Always have to fall in love with expensive things!

  10. When I look at the WP “themes,” I test them out to check the visibility of the “like” and “comment” placement, as well as tags and all that other stuff. I know we all enjoy feedback and interaction, so the visibility factor is huge with me. I try to read posts from the people I follow (and I do check to make sure they’re actually people and not some obscure Web site … lol), but we all understand that isn’t always possible and may catch some we missed when we do have the time. I don’t post as much as a good many of you, but I love learning about people and their interests. If I have something to say, I do, but always respectfully. If I like what I read, I always try to remember to click the button. But I never, ever click “like” unless I’ve actually read the post.

    • Yes, I always read them if I click Like, but I’ve been guilty of clicking before reading…and then I actually found it offensive and wanted to take back my Like. Opos! 😉 Some of the themes are just so awkward to navigate and get to be frustrating. But I’ve got about 90% of them figured out I think. 😀

      • LOL … yeah, I know what you mean. It’s hard to find the comments and likes sometimes. I don’t always have time to comment, but I like to leave some kind of feedback if I’m able. 🙂

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