The Throwback Thursday Orange Tree

It’s Throwback Thursday again, and today I’m sharing something with you straight out of the vault.  My grandma didn’t save a ton of stuff from when I was a kid, but I have a small folder of special works I did from way back.

I started kindergarten when I was four and a half, and I specifically remember writing this before I was in school.  So, I had to have been four at the time. 

My grandfather (who was like my dad) worked as a citrus fruit inspector.  So not only did we have a lot of citrus trees in our yard, but we also lived next to an orange grove, and Granddaddy was always bringing home bags of oranges.  (You’ll see why I’m giving you this backstory when you read my throwback masterpiece.)

This is the very first “poem” I ever wrote.  (I think it’s especially funny that I didn’t even know which side of the paper to use, not to mention that I spelled orange “ORGJE”.)

The Big Orange Tree (© Rachel Carrera)

If you can’t read it (and why would you be able to with handwriting like that?), it says:

The tree,
The tree,
Hey, we see the tree.
The big orange tree.
The Florida tree.
Oh, goody, oh, goody,
We get some oranges.
The End

(P.S. I only know what it says because my grandma rewrote it on the back.)

The Big Orange Tree---

(Yep, that’s my granddaddy and me above.)

19 thoughts on “The Throwback Thursday Orange Tree

  1. This is great. Impressive that you were writing so early and equally impressive that your Grandmother recognized the treasure and kept it.

    • Awww, that’s so cute! I only have a dozen of so of my old stories from when I was little like this, and I kick myself to this day for throwing out all my old college essays and stories. 🙂

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