Ode to Theodor Geisel and Jon Bon Jovi

If you read my blog, you probably already know that I don’t normally blog on the weekends.  So this will have to be a “Special Sunday Edition.”  Today is a special day, so I wanted to honor it appropriately.  As such, I submit for your approval, my sad attempt at poetry…

Ode to Theodor Geisel and Jon Bon Jovi
By: Rachel A. Carrera

dr. seuss (1)One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish,
I don’t know if I can do this…
Yesterday was March one; today is March two;
And this is the day for you-know-who.
If you don’t know,
I’ll tell you so.
Today’s the day to celebrate;
It’s someone’s birthday; ain’t it great?
The birthday cake is good to go;
Just light all the candles, then blow, blow, blow!
didn’t bother to get him a card,
But I’m writing like him (and it’s really hard!).
Whether you drive a spaceship or ride a caboose,
Give a big shout out for Dr. Seuss!
And lest I forget who else in who’s who,
It’s Jon Bon Jovi’s birthday today, too!
So raise your glasses and cheer these men on;
One poet’s a book writer; the other writes song.
Thanks for letting me bend your ear,
But as for my poem, it ends right here.


And now, please feel free to return to your regularly scheduled blog posts…


10 thoughts on “Ode to Theodor Geisel and Jon Bon Jovi

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