Somebody’s Watching Me

If you were alive in 1984, you may remember the song “Somebody’s Watching Me” by the artist known as Rockwell.  (You can listen to it by clicking here.)  It’s a song about a paranoid man who feels that everyone’s always watching him.  On that note, and coincidentally speaking of the same year, you may also recall George Orwell’s book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, which was actually published in 1949.  It was about the omnipresent government surveillance that closely monitored everyone’s activities.  The story was subsequently known for how prophetic it was later proven to have been when Orwell described such electronic monitoring devices that had not yet been invented.  The dictator of the totalitarian government in the novel was known as Big Brother and the slogan “Big Brother is watching you” was peppered throughout.

Well, for the record, I am by no means a conspiracy theorist, but I have to admit that ever since I started writing novel-length stories, I’ve been a little worried that the government may come knocking on my door at any time.  You see, I’ve had to do a lot of research to make sure my plot ideas are as feasible and realistic as possible. I’m fortunate in that one of my beta-readers is a former police detective, and she’s able to let me know just how far I can go without crossing over a line of unbelievability.  I’m no stranger to research, as I was a paralegal for fourteen years, but the kind of research I’ve done this past year is a bit remarkable, if not embarrassing, should my computer repair guy take a good look at my browsing history.

paranoia- (4)So far, besides researching commonplace things such as names and surnames for characters, weather in certain areas of the country, and days of the week that certain holidays would fall on, I’ve also researched tougher things such as Marine Corps installations throughout the world, common Indian cuisine, and popular souvenirs one could expect to purchase in Afghanistan.

But what has me a little concerned is I’ve had to Google such things as “best ways to dispose of a dead body,” “ways to kill someone with your bare hands,” and “best conditions for a corpse to naturally mummify.”  What’s really amazing is just how many depraved websites are out there that actually give you step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish each of these feats!  I fully expect the F.B.I. to come for me at any time, but until then, I’ll just keep writing.


10 thoughts on “Somebody’s Watching Me

  1. lol…I had no idea that you would have to research stuff like that to be a writer! I was never a writer of novels + had no idea that would be a problem:-) I have read some of your shorts on your banner- I love your characters + I am impressed. You have a gift for writing. My oldest daughter is a gifted writer + it truly is an art that some have and others think they do-lol

    • Thank you so much! ** Yes, I find there is a LOT of research involved, for everything from just the right character names and surnames to symptoms and cures for certain illnesses and injuries, and even timezone variances. But it’s usually a fun park of writing. I get to learn new stuff all the time and always have something new to talk about. 😉 Good luck to your daughter!

      • My oldest daughter went to Germany at the age of 19 + finished her degree @ GU-Muenster in cultural anthropology. Long story:-) Well, she got a scholarship for writing in college(USA), but made that trip for a visit and fell in love yadda , yadda, yadda-lol..well, I have been telling her lately when we skype to start a blog.She just had her first child ( he will be two yrs old in march) and lives in Bristol England. When I saw how wonderful your blog was and I thought she would like your writing, I thought might be an inspiration for her!
        As for my urban potager it is a work in progress and I don’t feel I have any special talent. I kill many things too! Just don’t let that stop you since you can grow so many wonderful foods right where you live + it is not that hard-trust me I can do it—It also is healing to be in the garden:-) I like how it attracts beauty to the yard and feeds our native pollinators:-)

      • Wow, well, thank you…I hope I can be an inspiration to you daughter, and I believe you will be an inspiration to me to try to start an organic garden. It’s something I’ve talked about forever, but never had the courage to try. if your daughter does start a blog, please let me know where I can find and follow it. 🙂

  2. Ummm, …be careful…but be alert to sneaky spam infiltrating your computer.

    Fortunately, sammy cant enter your home and see all the steel items under your bed. lol 🙂

    …as for dead bodies. i went to a funeral in mexico a couple years ago and I wish they’d to embalm a body..cuz it sure did smell funky. everything was perfectly pretty..and the body had a lovely suit on it..but i could smell the carcass…eeeeek…! 🙂

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