A Bit of a Dork

I have to admit, I feel like a bit of a dork having my blog and other social network sites ready before I’ve actually published any of my work.  But, for the record, I am working diligently to change that.

I’ve completed six first draft manuscripts to date, and have notes ready to start my seventh very soon.

I’ve been researching self-publishing, and it seems like a good idea, especially in light of all the changes taking place in the literary industry, but I want to be able to at least try the more traditional route first.  So, concurrent to all I’ve said above, I’ve also contacted a couple of extremely talented artist friends about getting them to design my book covers in preparation for the self-pub route.

In the meantime, I still have several beta-readers who are reading what I’ve already written and are giving me feedback.  And at any given time of the day or night, whenever I get too caught up in writing to remember that there is a real, non-fictional world going on around me, I have my four cats and a bunny to walk across my keyboard or hop on my feet to remind me.


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