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Hello, Friends,

I set up my Facebook page {{Rachel Carrera, Novelist}} last night, which you can find at  I’d appreciate if you’d go there and “Like” it.

facebook-logoWhen I was looking for a good photo to add to this post, at first, I thought of the obvious and found this cute three-dimensional Facebook “block.”  But then I remembered that my handsome son visited San Francisco, California last year, and while he was there, he got to do the touristy thing and see the Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park.  (I don’t think he actually toured the inside, but he got a cool photo in front of the logo out front.)

So, anyway, this is my Proud Mama Moment where I get to show off my son Jeremy.  He’s the inspiration behind my book The Worm Has Turned which I wrote for him.  Thank you, son.

jeremy at facebook headquarters


4 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Sons can be a good thing. I have one. He’s a pilot in training with the Air Force. Last Thursday evening, he called and asked if we had plans for the weekend. Could we meet him in Kansas City? That was halfway for us and him to travel, only 5 hrs. So, between snows, we did that.

    btw…thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow. I hope I make it worth your while.

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